Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another day on the Hill

Hey everyone, TW reporting from high atop Poverty Hill, MS. The temperatures are soaring........in the 90s every day, heading toward that 100 degree mark and not taking long to get here. The cows done quit mooing, the pigs are buried in the mud holes, the mule won't go, the rooster won't get up in the mornings, it's just been a mess around here. I done had to unbutton the side flaps on my overalls, whew just to hot for anything but drinkin good ole iced tea and lemonade. I gotta break out the ice cream maker and clean it up so when the Grandyounguns come I can make em some. Yeah i know they sell that store bought stuff, but it just ain't as good, specially if'n you mix in some fresh strawberries..MMMmmmmmm good stuff.
I sure hope all my fellow PH'ers aren't having as much trouble with the heat as I am. I've gotten to where I stay inside most of the time except early mornings and late afternoon. I'm sure glad that guy invented this air conditioning, makes life a lot easier. Lots better than sitting on those ice blocks we used to have.
I went to PH chat last nite and sat back and watched as the peeps there talked about that convention thang they went to in Texas, sounded like they all had a great time. I'm sure they all needed that break from the same ole every day thang. Now its back to the same ole, same ole though, just now with a lot of great memeories. I'm happy for em. I guarded the PH boards the best i could with my security system, as you might see on the left side of my page and it was never endangered for a second, I'm swelled with pride for doing such a good job. Well speaking of jobs I guess I better get back to mine, a Mayors work is never done, what with a striving neighborhood like this. Yall come back when ya can, the door is always open.

Hugs N Handshakes