Friday, June 13, 2008

Life after Cath

Wavin........hey everybody, hope yall doin good today. We're finally getting a little rain here today, not much, probably just enough to make it good and humid. Nothing like fighting for a big breath of air early in the Well we went and got a lil cath on Wednesday morning. They had decided they were going to do a right and left Cath, but when all was done they just did a left, seeing as how I'd just had a right a couple of months ago. Everything went great, I had no blood clots and no blockages, which we were relieved about, seeing as how I'm a blood clot machine. I make em quicker than those lil elves on TV make cookies.
We were up at 3 am in the morning, i know i slept a lil late, because the lady had called and told us to be at the hospital at 5:30am. So Shane, my oldest son, Judi and I were there bright and early, well it was 6:30 before we saw anyone.....laffin.
The waiting room was full of people, not very happy people I must say, waiting on someone,,,,,anyone to show up at the front desk. Finally a lady showed up at the receptionist desk and was bombarded by people, talking in a language that shouldn't be repeated. I looked around and wondered what they were so mad about, I thought this was the way it always is. Anyway I'm fine, Judi's fine, and I've got to work extra hard to make up the time I missed away from Poverty Hill, I'm sure there were many governmental issues that needed tending too while I was gone. It's tuff being Mayor to a thriving community like Poverty Hill.
Hugs and handshakes to all of you, come by when ya can, the doors always open.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Pre Registration

Heyz everyone, hope everyone is doing good today. Well Miss Judi and I went to the Hospital today and got a few blood tests drawn in preparation of the Grand Sticking on Wednesday. I decided that we'd go ahead and pre register and get the blood test done so I wouldn't have to get it done on Wednesday morning. Oh course they were busy as they could be so we filled out all the registration paperwork and sat back out in the lobby to wait for the nurse to come get me for the bloodwork. As I sat there quietly flickin through my magazine a lady came in a sat next to me. I smiled my good mornin smile to her and went back to flickin thru my magazine. I had on my Pulmonary Hypertension Association T shirt and had thought nothing about it when the lady told me..I have that too. I looked up concerned and told her I was sorry to hear that and asked how long she'd been diagnosed with it. She told me that she'd had it for about ten years and that had been through some hard times with it and had been really sick. I listened intently to her as she told me how high her blood pressure had gotten, sometimes 170 over 100. I smiled as i knew she was talking about regular high blood pressure and didn't say anything contrary to let her know Pulmonary Hypertension was entirely different. Finally she asked, what are you here for, your blood pressure high too. I said, No Mam, I'm just here to visit a friend.
If I don't write again before Wednesday yall think about me and Judi in ya prayers, maybe they won't find any extra stuff in there. See everyone later, lotsa hugz and handshakes to yall.