Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hello everyone, TW here bloggin at ya from Poverty Hill. Well I learned a new life lesson over the past few days...... and that is theres some things that ya just don't need to blog about......laffin. So I'm coming back at ya with a newly laid down set of bloggin course I won't mention the reason why, I didn't know milk could get me in soooo much trouble. Nah, not really, Judi just said I can't believe you wrote that....LOL.
Its been sort of quiet around here the past few days, not much going on, I have my morning coffee with my PH buddy, Merle, on Yahoo Messenger, seeing if anything new is happening with her. After that I sit and read everyones blog that I have a web address on, then I sit and ponder on the things that need doing up on Poverty Hill. Today is one of those days that I feel quite sure that I will be doing very little, its supposed to be in the 90's, and if you're a PH'er you know how that affects you especially with this humidity in Mississippi. Laffin, and I was talking to Merle and she was talking about having the heat on, lordy, it amazes me, the difference in weather around the country. Myself, I hate cold weather, I'd make a terrible Eskimo.
One thing that I have learned since joining my PHfriends at the PHA website is that I'm totally without doubt IGNORANT. All those abbreviations, RHC's, SUV's, ABC's and whatever totally blow my mind. I guess I need to get my book out and study...laffin. Seriously I have learned so much from everyone at PHA, in the past I pretty much let Judi handle all the medical stuff, which she is very knowledgeable about, and I just lived life a day at the time without trying to learn about it myself. I guess I thought if I didn't acknowledge it that it would go away...NOT.
Anyway if any of my PH friends are reading this, I want to say from my heart, thank you for being there, for caring, for sharing and understanding and mostly for just being my friend.....and of course for your patience in explaining those dayum
Oh yeah, before getting outta here, I do have one good piece of information that has really excited me. They have started a support group in Mobile, AL, which is about an hour and a half from me and Judi and I are planning to attend their meeting on the 27th of May. We're really looking forward to going.
Guess I need to get to my chores, I've been being good the past few days, what with all the new bloggin rules that have been set forth for me. I am not ignorant as to know when to walk very lightly around the boss Lady.

Yall come if ya can, wavin bye to ya from high atop Poverty Hill.


Monday, May 19, 2008

The Mystery of the Missing Milk

Heyz to everyone and welcome to the Poverty Hill hideout. Well we had some excitement around this this afternoon. My lil wifey and her Mom went to the big city to pick up a few items from the grocery know, fat back, collard greens, grits...the regular stuff. Well our neighbor asked if Judi would pick her up a gallon of milk, and her being the kind hearted young lady she is, she said she'd be glad to. The trip went off nicely, they spent lotz of money as usual and came on back to Poverty Hill with their goodies and the gallon of milk. Our neighbor came up to pick up her gallon of milk and Judi told her it was in the fridge to just help herself. Anyway, in about 5 minutes the neighbor called back and told Judi that the milk was only about 2/3rds full. OMG...Judi immediately picked up the phone and called the store, thinking the manager would politely say just bring it back and we'll exchange it. NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT......laffin
The manager said that it was her mistake and she should have checked to see if it had been opened. Well OK, she hangs the phone up but I can see the steam-a-rising. Her lil face turned red and she picked up the phone, asked for the manager, and gave him a reaming that would make a sailor hang his head in shame....I didn't even know she knew those kinds of words. Well the manager stuck to his original conclusion of it was her fault and she had shown her ignorance by not checking it....well out come a few more choice words and she slams her phone closed. Well her Mother came up and she called also.....of course a little nicer, although not much...and I was sitting here laffin my butt off. Anyway she got the same answer. Two hot women...lordy me........LMAO. I told Judi, just go buy another gallon its no biggie.
Well I sat here and listened to how sorry that store was and how they'd never go back and shop there and all the other bad things that you can say about a store....trying my best not to laugh out loud.
Well Judi decided she'd go back to town and get our neighbor another gallon of milk. She looked in the fridge to see if there was anything else she might need while at the grocery and and LOW AND BEHOLD, a full gallon of nice ice cold milk sat right there on the top shelf of the refrigerator for all to see, shining white and satiny in all its glory........laffin.. Our neighbor had picked up the wrong milk from the fridge without noticing that it wasn't full....Scratching my head, I think to myself, now theres' got to be a moral of the story here..Something like, Make sure you brain is in gear before engaging mouth. All I can say is I'm glad I'm not a grocery store manager. BTW, if you never hear from me again you'll know that Judi found out I blogged this. So long from now from Mayor TW, atop Poverty Hill. (wavin)