Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Salute to a Soldier

Well these last few days have been gloomy days for our family. Our nieces husband was killed Saturday in a terrorist attack in Pakistan at the Marriott Hotel. He was serving with the US Navy and was performing duties for his country. His name Matthew O'Bryant, joined the service about two years and was assigned to Naval Intelligence in Fort Mead, Maryland. He was 22 years young, just a kid, who loved being in the Navy. He was killed while in the Hotel lobby, not fighting, not hurting anyone, just doing his assigned duties. This was a senseless killing of dozens of people and injuring hundreds of others, unprovoked, uncalled for by a band of thugs, and cowards, I won't justify calling them terrorist because no one will claim doing such a cowardly thing. I spent 30 years in the service, lost many friends and comrads, but we were in a warzone, not in a motel lobby having breakfast.
These people are fanatical lunatics, we can not blame the country of Pakistan because its like every other country, they've got both bad and good and blame doesn't go against the country but against uncalled for aggression by these idiots.
Matt will be missed by his family and friends, but will be remembered fondly. Please take time to Salute Matt and his family for his devoted loyalty to all of us and to his country.