Friday, May 16, 2008

And the Saga Continues

Hey everyone, welcome to the Poverty Hill ramblings. Well the saga continues on. I went to my PH specialist yesterday all ready after stressing all week about starting the new medicine, Sub Q Remodulin. Before going to his office I had to go to the hospital and have blood drawn for whatever tests, who knows, a six minute walk, and a chest X-ray. Needless to say these test were done in the morning and my doctors appointment wasn't until the afternoon. Anyway Judi and I got all the morning appointments taken care of and we went and had a great lunch. Gawd I'm thinking, I hate to start this new medicine, but if I gotta, I'm gonna do it on a full stomach.....laffin. Judi is all stressed out as usual but hates letting me know. Little to her knowledge I can read her like a book........Well of course we have a few hours to go until my doctors appointment so guess what we do.......thats, ugghhhhhhh. Shopping of course makes all women feel
Appointment time, we see the doc and he's reading the results from my 6 minute walk and he starts dialing the phone. He has been on the phone with Dr Fagan at the Pulmonary Hypertension Center in Mobile all morning discussing my case with her. To make the story shorter, my 6 minute walk was considerably better than the last one I did. They discuss this back and forth and he hangs up the phone and looks at me, scares the hell outta me, but then starts smiling. He says that he and Dr Fagan want to hold off on the Remodulin until after Dr Fagan and he can get together and look over my charts and that he has made an appointment for me to see her and let her check me out in person. Well I have an appointment on the 2nd of Jun to see her and Dr Babar, my PH specialist will meet with her on the 3rd of Jun. It really doesn't break my heart to hold off on the new med, but of course I know it could be just a temporary delay. Anyway the Saga continues, as does the stress, that is IF I let stress get to me.....which I don't.......laffin...(much).
Well guess I better get offa here before Miss Judi pops that whip again. So long from Poverty Hill.........yall come!


Monday, May 12, 2008

Passing on the Memorys

Hello everyone, things are the same as usual here on Poverty Hill. The weather has been beautiful the past few days, the temps in the 70's and cool mornings and afternoons which is my main stirring times. Yesterday was my oldest Grandsons birthday, he's 10 years old now......gawd I'm getting old, but of course I'm doing it gracefully. I didn't realize how old I was until the Grand kids wanted me to tell them "about the good ole days." They sit and listen with their eyes glued to me as I make up old stories....some which are true...but most made from the imagination that I know will entertain them with laughter and wonder. I can see in their eyes that they are taking in every word with wonder and amazement as I tell these tales that in no way are even close to being the I have to tell them stories of my childhood adventures with Indians, great hunting tales, the moonshiner days and of course about the old troll that lives under the bridge. They want to know about the surgery scars on me, that have instantly turned into places where the Indians shot me, but of course I escaped and wiped em all out. These are the times that I am glad to be here, to spend time with my Grandchildren, to pass on stories that I was told by my Grandfathers and that maybe someday they will tell their children and Grandchildren. Times that will give them memories of me, as the memories I have of my Grandparents.
My Children are wonderful, but theres something more about Grandchildren. I guess when I was younger I was so caught up with making a living for them that I didn't have as much time to spend with them as I do now with my Grandchildren. Not that they were neglected by a long shot, they still love the stories too.
Well I guess that's enough of the exploits of the Poverty Hill Hero for now, I still got my chores to do before Missy Judi pops that whip. So long for now, yall come if ya can, if not, know that you're always welcome high atop the hill.