Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Tidings

Hello everyone, glad you could come by. Well here it is New Years Eve and another year has flown by. Seems like this one just got started, I guess the old saying is true, the older you get the faster they go. Well that's fine by me, at least they're still going. I thought maybe 2008 would be the year for a cure for PH but it didn't happen, oh well I'm sure 2009 will be fine. This year has been a real learning experience for me about Pulmonary Hypertension, I've learned more about the disease this year than I have since I got the mess. Through the Pulmonary Hypertension Association I've made lots of new friends and have learned how to reach out to others as we fight together against Pulmonary Hypertension so its been a pretty good year. I'm hoping this year is even better with new medications and more research coming out for us PH'ers.
Well tonights the night of the "Poverty Hill Bonfire." Every New Years Eve we have a big cookout and a big bonfire here on the Hill. There will be fireworks galore, good country cookin, and maybe a little firewater for the drinkers. Not much though until later because of the kids. The kids love it, all the fireworks, music, and marshmellows cooked over the fire. All the ahhhhhhhh's and oooohhhhhh's.
Laffin, I guess I'll spend all day tomorrow cleaning up the Hill, but it all worth it.
I mostly wanted to tell everyone "Happy New Year" and I hope you each have many more. Guess I better run for now, I still gotta haul more firewood for the bonfire.
Yall come when ya can the door is always open.

Hugz N Handshakes


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Heyz Everyone, thanks for coming by. Well its that time of the year again, so "Merry Christmas", Happy Holidays, or whatever your thang is for this time of the year. Here on Poverty Hill its "Merry Christmas". I honestly believe this time of the year produces more memories than any other time of the year. There are just all kinds of different feelings, happiness, excitement, wonder, and thrill, but there is also sadness and reflection as we remember loved ones and friends who have passed and will not be here. Remembrance of Christmas's past when they were with us is like a Christmas present that you will always have and as long as we have those memories in our hearts they will never be forgotten. So remember the good times you had with them but focus on the now, the memories we are about to make, and make sure it will be memories that you will always reflect back on.
Judi and I want to take time to wish each and every one that reads this a Happy Holiday and heartfelt thanks for being our friends and family. We are truly blessed to have each and every one of you. We hope that this holiday brings each of you happiness and good cheer, and wish you even more for the following year.
Remember, yall be good cause Santa Claus is watchin, and I want each of you to get what ya want for Christmas. Yall come when ya can, the door is always open to my friends. Oh and remember, Jesus is the reason for the season.

Hugs & Handshakes


Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Magic

Heyz to everyone, hope you're all doing great. Well its my favorite time of the year again, Christmas. Judi and I both have always been worse than kids this time of the year. One thing that many of you may not know though is that I'm one of Santa's magical elves. Yep thats right TW the magical Santa's helper. Its well known in my family and the families of my friends that I have a "Santa's Magical Mailbox", and I"m tight with the jolly ole Santa, me being a magical elf and all. ....laffin. This all started about 20 years ago when one of my nieces wanted to write Santa a letter to let him know what she wanted. At the time she was about 4 years old, and was the number one Santa fan in the world. Being Santa's big elf buddy, I had to keep her informed year around as to what he and the rest of the elves at the North Pole were doing. Well I sat her down and helped her write Santa a letter, being sure not to leave out anything. We checked and double checked to make sure nothing had been left out, down to the accessories for Barbie and makeup.
Of course I helped her add things that she might want besides the ones she had already mentioned, being the professional elf that I am, and being in the know of the
stuff a lil girl like her might get. After the letter was all finished and Regan my niece had decided that she had everything written down, of course we had to draw the magical North Pole Star on the envelope, or it just would not go. Her eyes were all lit up and she had a grin so wide that I was sure her jaws were gonna burst. Yep it was time to go to the "Magical Santa's Mailbox". Excited was not the word for it, there just aren't any words to describe it. She was a little skeptical at first about me being a magical elf due to the fact that I was quite tall for an elf, but I quickly assured her that I shrank to elf size at midnight on Christmas Eve so that I could perform my Santa's elf duties. She was quick to take that as pure fact, due to the magic quarter I had in my pocket that turned me elf sized.
Anyway away we went to the road to the "Magical Santas Mailbox", Regan with her letter requesting all kinds of goodies held tight in her hand. By this time she had gathered up quite a crowd to come watch her send her letter to Santa in the "Magical Santa's Mailbox". Arriving at the mailbox she excitedly opened to mailbox door and put her letter in and turned to me and asked, Now what? I asked if she'd said the magic words to send the letter off and she replied no, that I had forgotten to tell them to her. Silly me, what kind of magical elf am I.....sheeshhhhh.
I told her that she had to be real serious and believe that the letter would go to Santa at the North Pole. Of course the trick was she had to close her eyes, turn three turns repeating "Go To Santa, Go To Santa, Go To Santa, and tap the "Magical Santas Mailbox" three times, but of course her yes MUST be closed tight. She did this perfectly and "Walllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" the letter was magically sent to Santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She opened the box and the letter was gone and her mouth flew wide open in amazement, she jumped and screamed all excited telling everyone that her Uncle Terry really was a magical elf and we'd sent her letter to Santa in the "Magical Santa's Mailbox". Talk about making someones did mine.
Well the "Magical Santa's Mailbox" has sent many a letter to Santa since then, sons, nieces, nephews, friends children and many many more. Well now I have Grandchildren and I'm ready to break out the magical mailbox again, I don't know who looks more forward to it.........yes I do!!!!
Now i love listening to my kids, my neices and nephews all telling their children about me being a magical Santa's elf and the "Magical Santa's Mailbox". Their eyes still light up when telling about it. Ahh......the memories.
Well yall come when ya can, the door is always open to my friends.

Hugz N Handshakes


Monday, December 1, 2008

Reality Check

Hey Everyone, thanks for stopping by ole TW's lil blog. I've been doing the same trying to surf around and catch up on reading my friends blogs, which I enjoy very much. You can tell a lot about a person just by reading their blogs, well except mine because I never make a whole lotta sense.....laffin. Guess thats why I call it Rambling.
I learned to face a reality this past week that really upset me and just made me see that PH sucks even more than ever. About this time of the year my youngest son, Steve, and I go on our annual big Duck hunt up in the northern Delta part of the State. This is a once a year thing for me and I always look forward to spending it with Steve and our hunting buddies. This year was no exception, I was ready to go for weeks before it got here, guns all cleaned, duck decoys ready, just all excited to get going. Its about a six hour drive from Poverty hill to where we were going to hunt, almost on the Arkansas state line. The trip went great with the usual lies being told, and the bragging about who was gonna kill the most ducks, just the regular man thing ya know. We arrived at the hunting camp and slept for about 3 hours before getting up at 3:30 am and eating breakfast and preparing for the first day of the hunt. I felt great even with just the few hours sleep. Sometimes I guess I need a reality check, because I don't seem to want to accept that I just can't do what I want to do, the mind is willing but the body just says "No Way."
The first day was a memory jogger though. We had to wade in waist high water for about a quarter of a mile wearing chest wader boots that weight what feels like a ton, especially when you're wading through mud and water. Well as you could understand I'd walk about 20 or 30 yards before I'd have to stop to rest, out of breath and gasping for air. Finally with Steves help though I made it to the place we were going and we had a great time taking our limit of ducks. The only thing the whole time I was hunting all I was thinking about was how I dreaded the walk back out. With about 20 rest stops though I make it back to the truck but was so tired I couldn't hardly muster enough energy to get up into it without my buddies help. What a dose of reality, and a hard shot to my ego. The next day we hunted in a place where I could just drive my ATV to the spot we were hunting, now this was great. I can do this!!! I was tired from hunting the day before but I felt manly again now, I didn't have to have any help, Hallelujah, but my energy level was bottomed out. On the third day I was short of breath just walking 20 feet, reality had set in, I sat down with Steve and told him that I was afraid that this would be my last duck hunt that I couldn't do it anymore. I explained to him that I wanted to hunt as much as I ever did, but my body just wouldn't allow me to. This in itself was a hard thing for me to do, I felt as though I were disappointing my son, who had always looked up to me as his mentor and hunting buddy. Steven looked at me and smiled and said, Dad you are and always have been an inspiration to me, for you to come out and do the things you have done these past few days is amazing, I just hope I can grow to be the caliber and man that you are.
Not only did I leave hunting camp with my dignity intact, I realized that my youngest son has grown up and is already that caliber of man. Thank You Lord.
Well let me get outta here I've still got chores to do. Yall come when ya can, the door is always open to my friends.

Hugz N Handshakes


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Other Side of PHTony's Story

Heyz Everyone, I just read PHTony's Thanksgiving story and laughed so hard I almost cried. But as with every story you know theres usually two sides. Being of Indian heritage I figured it was only right that I tell our side of the story.
"One day a young indian brave, Rowanka(meaning short of breath), was hunting by the big rock, called moon rock, and he looked up and saw the biggest canoe he'd ever seen. It had many sick people hanging over the side that seemed very sick, he supposed that was the reason for their whitish colored skin. They came ashore at Moon Rock and everyone headed for the alderberry bushes, tarnishing Mother Earth with the worst stink He'd ever smelled. Hiding in the bushes Rowanka watched as the sick white people started cutting trees and were muttering in a language he didn't understand, something about a Plymouth Rock or Hard Rock, anyway he didn't understand, he figured they must be blessing Moon Rock where their giant canoe had come ashore.
Rowanka watched the skinny half starved white people with great interest as they talked in their native tongue until four men left the camp. In wonderment Rowanka followed as the four men left going into the woods. He followed as the men went towards his village, wondering what they were up to. He knew today was the day his tribe celebrated the Feast of the Harvest to show their thanks to their Gods for the food they were provided. Just outside the village Rowanka ran up to the men and tried to communicate with them and they just kept trying to stick him with long knives. Finally he got them calmed down and found out they were hungry and needed food. Being a helpful brave he took the men to the village market and gave them some corn, collard greens, turnips and turkeys to take back to the poor starving white people. As they were leaving, being a gracious host, Rowanka told them to come again. Little did he know they were going to bring every darn one of those sick white people to the dance that night. Being a gracious host, the Chief, Squanto and his wife, Pokeehauntus, invited the whole bunch to stay and have dinner and join in the celebration. The tribe medicine man made up some medicine for the sick white people, herbs and spices he called coumadin, viagra and tracleer to mention a few. Finally after almost eating the tribe out of their teepee's the poor sick white people left. The white man chief, John Smith, told Squanto and Rowanka, Thanks for Giving(now called Thanksgiving) them food and they hoped that they could live together in peace. Squanto told him he was most welcome and gave the white chief a fruitcake that his mother-in-law had made for him that was terrible and he was glad to finally get rid of. Thinking the white man would only be in their land for a short period of time the indians taught the white men to grow corn and vegetable from the rich land. The only thing is, THEY NEVER LEFT.

Thanks Tony for such a great story, keep up the writing. Yall come when ya can the door is always open for my friends.

Hugs N Handshakes


Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Great Feast

Wavin,,,hey everybody, hope today finds all of ya doing good. Things are going good here on Poverty Hill. Looks like we're in for a cold winter this year, it seems to have started getting cold a lot earlier than it has the past few years. Thats fine though, I've done broke out the long johns and my cold weather wardrobe, you know insulated overalls, thermo socks, all the good stuff.
I'm preparing for the GREAT FEAST, the yearly eating of wonderful stuff that I know I shouldn't be eating.........but hey its just once a year.....grins. I can just smell the aroma of ham cooking in the kitchen, and the turkey, and the mouth is watering now. I take my preparations for the Thanksgiving feast seriously. I all but quit eating two dayz before, just eating sandwiches and lil snacks so I'll be good and hungry and have lots of room in the old gullet so I can make a pig of myself........laffin. And I do a good job of it!
This is expected of me, I come from a family of great cooks, and each one expects you to eat a belly full of what they cooked or else you'll hurt their feelings. Wellllllllllllllllllllllllll...........I don't hurt anyones feelings.....laffin...I make em all feel good.
Like all families, this is a time for everyone to get together and talk about things that are happening with them and talk about the old days of growing up and the funny things that happened during these times. Mostly just being thankful for this time we have to spend together as a family.
I hope everyone reading this lil blog has a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday spending time with their loved ones. One more thing, please take time during your dinner blessing to remember those soldiers overseas that are spending their Thanksgving away from their families.
Well I guess I need to get outta here for now, I just wanted to write a lil note to everyone and wish em a Happy Holiday and hope ya have many more...
Yall come when ya can, the door is always open to my friends.

Hugz N Handshakes


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Short PH Story

Hey everyone, glad you could stop by and visit. Seems like everyone is telling their story of contracting PH, so I'm gonna take a shot at it and try to write a short version. My little ordeal with PH started back in 2000 when I was admitted to the hospital with Pneumonia. While in the hospital I started throwing blood clots to my lungs and continued getting worse. After a month in intensive care, lung surgery, and a Greenfield filter, I was diagnosed with a disease called Antiphospholipid Anti body Sydrome and Thrombocytopenia. I was treated for this and released from the hospital after 6 weeks on coumadin to control my blood clotting. Over the next few months I continued getting clots in my legs and seemed to be getting worse, becoming extremely short of breath and fatigued, often passing out. I went to several other doctors and all said that there was nothing that could be done that wasn’t already being done. Finally in 2003 I went to a heart specialist who did an echo and said he thought that I had PH and he made an appointment for me with a PH specialist. After being in Doctor Babar's, my PH specialist, office for 15 minutes he was on the phone with PH Specialist at University of California San Diego (UCSD) and they said for the Dr Babar to run some test and send to them. After the tests were done I was told I definitely had PH and that the blood clots had to be removed from my lungs. A few weeks later we were on our way and I had the surgery 3 days after arriving in San Diego by the worlds best surgery team. After the Pulmonary Thrombo Endardirectomy(PTE) surgery I felt like a new person, with the clots removed from my lungs I could breathe much better and walk longer distances, but was still far from being normal. In the end I was still left with PH due to the damage that the clots had already done to my lungs, heart and arteries. I’m still taking PH medications and have tried several new ones as they come out, but I am alive and I will not give up the fight for a cure for PH, maybe not for me but it could help others down the line that get this terrible disease. As I write this in November 2008, I am able to walk better distances, play with my Grandchildren, work outside and just enjoy my family and what God has given me. I have made new friends through the Pulmonary Hypertension Association that are like family, who I can discuss problems with and share feelings. I feel like even though I have a dreadful disease that seems incurable, I am still a blessed person for being able to spend the time that I have on this earth. To others with this disease, I say, don’t ever give up, there is always hope.
Well theres the short version, hope it wasn't too boring, I'm not one to write much about myself. Anyway I guess I need to get outta here and act like I'm doing something before Miss Judi finds me something to do. Yall come when ya can, the doors always open to my friends.

Hugz N Handshakes


Monday, November 17, 2008

Memory Makers

Hey everyone, hope this blog day finds ya doing well. Well its official, we had frost this morning....ughh, that means another dreary winter on the way. All the leaves are falling from the trees, the colors of green are gone, and its time to break out the ole longjohns. This time of the year seems depressing, if I stay inside I'm bored and want to go outside. If I go outside I freeze my buttocks off and my lungs burn from breathing the cold air. After the miserable hot summer we had this year I figured that I'd be happy to see winter come. Laffin I guess there's just no way to please me.
I used to get all anxious and excited when cold weather got here mainly because I love to hunt. My sons and I get up early in the morning wayyyyyyyyy before daylight and have a big breakfast and drink coffee and talk about our plans for the hunt that day. This is a time just for us, time we can spend together and laugh and make fun of each other about that missed shot, or the falling in the creek. Judi calls it Man Time, I call it memory makers. This year we'll be welcoming a new member to the Hunting morning Social Club, my oldest Grandson has come of age to deer hunt. I don't know who's more excited, me or him. I thank God for letting me live to see this. I know to many of you this seems unimportant. Wrong.........these are dayz that my Grandson will have as wonderful memories of for the rest of his life. I remember when my Grandfather first took me hunting, I remember the smell of breakfast cooking, of walking out on the back porch and feeling to cold air, and the excitement the night before the hunt, where I couldn't sleep for thinking about that big ole buck I was gonna get and make my Grandfather and Uncles proud of me. Yep, it may seem insignificant to some but to a man its another big step of growing up. Soon it looks like we're going to be in for another big change though, my oldest Granddaughter wants to get that big un too......LOL. This won't be a man thing, but it will be a step to her independence and of course a delight to Papa Terry. So it won't be a man thing for her but I guarantee it will be a memory maker just the same.
Well I guess I better get outta here, I've done bout used up all my paper and ink. Yall come when ya can, the door is always open to my friends.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Poverty Hill's 1st Annual Holiday

Wavin, hey everyone out there, hope yall are doing good. Today has been a rainy, messy day around this neck of the woods. All the leaves around here have been turning beautiful red and orange colors, but with all this rain, now the only thing they are turning is turning loose. Time to break out the old rake and leaf blower, turn up the oxygen and get with it. I can think of a million things I'd rather do than rake leaves.........ughhhhhhh. At least I can put up the lawn mower for a while, it's like me, it needs a good rest anyway.
I've been in deep and heavy deliberation this week with my cabinet members, Levi(my dog)and Jazz(my cat), and we have decided to come up with a new holiday for Poverty Hill. Seeing as how I am the main governing body(when Judi lets me be) here
on the Hill I am declaring November 15, 2008, the first official Pulmonary Hypertension Care Giver Day. I'm sending Miss Judi to the beauty shop to get overhauled, tucked, poked, primped and fancied up and I'm gonna take her out to a fancy restaurant where those folks cook your food for ya. As all of you know just like I do, this could never even come close to thanking them for the things that they do for us. There are no words that an ole country bumkin like me could come up with to tell mine how much I thank her for all the times shes worried if I was going to make it through this hospital stay, for the times she's prepared my meds and made sure I took them on time, for the times she's did things that I used to take care of, but couldn't this time because I was so sick I was unable to do them, and the list goes on and on. I'm sure you're like me, these things don't go unnoticed, but sometimes there just are no words to express how we feel. At times we all feel like a burden, not being able to do the things we used to do, but our loved ones don't see it like that, they stand with us and fight this fight against sometimes unbearable odds but never ask a things for themselves. Yes we fight the fight, but just take a glance around you and I bet there's someone within yelling distance, watching and listening, ready to make sure that nothing happens to you. Like I said there just isn't enuff words in the webster than can show how much we appreciate them. SO:

We Love You, We Thank You, We Appreciate you, We Admire You and we're all glad that you are in our lives.

Take time to let you caregivers know, it's the least we can do for them that do so much for us.

Well all this proclamatin and and holiday declarin has give me out, Yall Come when ya can, the door is always open to my friends, and don't forget this is Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness month, try to make one person aware and together we can make many.

Hugz N Handshakes


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Big Bail Out

Heyz everyone, welcome to my lil blog. Hope everyone is doing good today. I've been sitting here on Poverty Hill watching the news. Lord have Mercy, how did this country get into the mess that its in. I've come to the conclusion that the political structure in America has lost it all together. All these big companies that are being bailed out by tax payer money. I don't remember anyone asking me if I'd like to bail anyone out, especially big corporations. Yep, those big assed companies with CEO's receiving 6 or 7 digit salaries for sitting on their fat asses and letting these companies get into the mess they've gotten themselves into. The first thing they need to do is get rid of them, that would be a great starting point. Now they want to bail out the "Big 3" auto companies, sheesh have you priced a new automobile lately? I can't see any reason they should need to be bailed out, besides the fact that they have overspent with these big salaries and benefits. Seems to me that these companies need to kick their management in the rear end and make them earn their money.
And while I'm harping on this, has anyone called you the taxpayer, and asked what you think about spending billions of dollars in taxpayer money to bail all these companies out. I'm sure they haven't. Do we as taxpayers have any say?.....I can't see that we have any say at all. Did we vote to bail these companies out, I don't remember voting Yes. The fact is that we have no say in the matter at all, in most anything, period. All these smaller companies that are going out of business, are the politicians running head over heals to bail them out?, Nope because they can't afford to give kickbacks and furnish new cars. Don't it make you wonder why they want to bail out these companies. I understand that it could be to help save jobs, but it looks to me like the main problem that has gotten them into this kind of mess is overspending, high salaries and the mismanagement of their money. Maybe these companies don't need that yacht to entertain, those jets to fly all over the world, those fancy meetings and balls they throw, or the expense accounts that are worth more than most people make in ten years. We've already paid for those by buying their cars, so why now do we as taxpayers have to bail them out with more money from the hard working taxpayer. It just doesn't make any sense to me.
I love my country and am proud to be a taxpayer and citizen, but I am saddened to see what our so called leaders have done to it. I feel good about using my taxpayer money to help pay for medical research, education, and things important to the average hard core American. But I do not feel good about using our money to help bail out companies that are overspenders, overpaid, and undermanaged to the point that they have to bailed out by the American taxpayer.

Nuff Said:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway I could ramble on about this for dayz so I better shut up now before my blood pressure rises.......laffin. Politics here on Poverty Hill are good, we don't need bailing out but a billion dollars or so would help greatly. I'm sure our government will run on down here with a check in hand to help......haaaaaaaaaaa....righhhhhhhhhhhht. Anyway yall come if ya can the door is always open to my friends.

Hugz N Handshakes


PS: This has been a blog not sponsored by anyone, of how I feel about things going on in our great country. If you agree thats great, if you don't then I feel like our government, who cares.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

PH Symptoms?

Heyz to everyone out there in blogger land. Not much going on here on Poverty Hill. As most of you know and to those of you who don't know, November is Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness month. I've been reading other blogs that Ph'ers have written and they're just chock full of information for everyone that wants to know about the disease, so I thought I'd write something too, so I'll try the signs and symtoms thingy, so here goes:

Signs and Symptoms of PH:

1. If you look like you've dipped your ears and lips in grape Kool Aide, then you might have PH. This is due to low oxygen levels in your body.

2. If you feel light headed or dizzy to the point of passing out, and you haven't drank any Jack Daniels, then you might have PH. Another sign of low oxygen or restricted blood flow.

3. If you aren't scared of heights, but a little set of stairs sends you looking for another way up, then you may have PH.

4. If you can't walk twenty feet without huffin and puffing and looking for a place to sit down and catch your breath, then you may have PH.

5. If your idea of getting out for a while is going to the doctors office, then you may have PH.

6. If your legs have no ankles and you can mash em with ya finger and an indention stays there, then you may have PH. Of course at this time both legs wiegh about 200 pounds each.

7. If you can't do minor daily things at minimum exertion and you have to huff and puff to catch that next breath, then you may have PH.

8. If all your so called friends disappear after finding out that you have PH, never to be seen again, then you may have PH.

9. If you have to get on your knees and you're not praying, then you're out of breath and may have PH.

10. If your conversations are about things that you used to be able to do, then you might have PH.

11. If you go on a trip and after loading all your medical equipment there is no room for luggage, then you may have PH.

12. And last, if you hope everyday for a cure for PH and the education of others about the disease and want to do all you can to help bring about awareness, then you have PH.

I hope these symptoms can help you decide if you have PH, if you don't thats wonderful; if you do please see a PH Specialist as soon as you can.
I guess I've rambled on enuff for today. Miss Judi and I hope yall have a great day, come by if ya get a chance, the door is always open to our friends.

Hugz N Handshakes


Friday, November 7, 2008

It's already November!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heyz to everyone!!! Well its 7 days into Novemeber, Lordy hasn't this year flown by. It'll soon be Turkey day, whewwwwwww I can't hardly wait to eat all those goodies I'm not supposed to eat.....(hey its just one day out of the year...sheesh, give me a lil break here. I know traditionally we're supposed to eat turkey and Thanksgiving, but an event from the past has left me with a taste for ham instead. Back when I was just a lil tadpole, about 6 years old, I found out about that poor ole turkey that looked so fine on the table, all juicy and lookin so fine. I was at my Grandpa's for the holiday as we always spent our time there on his farm for Thanksgiving Now that was heaven, cakes, pies, homemade candy, homemade ice cream, shoot my mouth is waterin just thinkin about it.
Well anyway it was the day before "The Big Eatin" and I was up early to help Grandpa with his chores feeding the animals and the like. That afternoon he told me that we had to get a turkey for dinner the next day, of course I thought turkeys came from the grocery store and we would go to the store and pick out a good un. Not!!!!!!!!!!!!! He laughed and told me that we were going to kill one of his that he had been fattening up for Thanksgiving. Well that didn't go off too well with me because those turkeys weren't bothering anyone just walking around in the pen. Well I didn't stay around for the murderin or pickin but I went back later and saw that one was missing. Yep, thats right, I ain't eat turkey since and every Thanksgiving at my house we have ham and turkey, but to this day, I don't participate in the eating of the turkey bird. But I feel quiet sure I'll make a glutton of myself with all the other goodies we'll be having.
By the way don't forget that November is Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness month and we need to do all we can to educate others about this disease. I'm proud to see the things that people are doing to bring about awareness of this disease. I have included a link to the Pulmonary Hypertension Association on the left side of my blog for people that want to know more about PH. If you are a reader that has no idea of this disease, please take time to visit the site, it has lots of valuable information, you never know when yourself or someone else in your family could get this life threatening disease.
I guess I've rambled about enuff, I need ta get to doin my chores before Miss Judi starts poppin that whip. Yall come if ya can, my door is always open to my friends.

Hugz N Handshakes


Thursday, November 6, 2008

PHA Chat and Bulletin Board

Heyz to everyone, hope yall all doing good today. Thangs here are Poverty Hill are just clickin right along. I went to the PHA chat last night for a while, its the first time I've been in quite a while. It was great to chat with all my friends, we've all become a close family who understands the others problems on a day by day basis. There is no age or class barriers, we're all just people who care about each other no matter what. The chat room is more personable than the PHA boards where people can actually interact with others, ask questions, discuss problems, you know things that you would really rather hear on a one on one basis. Don't get me wrong the PHA boards are great and you can get a lot of information and feedback there, its just that sometimes you want to talk (chat) about something with someone that will answer back in plain terms. At times we all need someone to talk to that understands what we are going through besides our families at home. We all get depressed, we all hurt, we all get scared at times, these are the times when we need someone to talk to if for nothing else, to get support and understanding. The Pulmonary Hypertension Association has done a wonderful job providing us with a place just for these times when we need to talk, to vent or just to be with others that have this disease. I will forever be grateful to the PHA for the hard work and dedication they put forward for us that have this dreaded disease.
If you don't take advantage of these boards and chats, you definitely don't know what you're missing. Chat times are posted on the PHA website and if you need to talk to someone before then there is a 24-7 hotline that someone is there to help you at any time day or night. I have posted the website link on the left side of my blog for people that have never been there, or are just interested in reading about Pulmonary Hypertension.
Well I guess I've said all I wanted to say for now, its too early in the morning for me to think too much, my brain isn't working too good. Anyway I just thought I'd put a few words of country wisdom out there. I guess I need to get my butt in gear, Miss Judi will be up in a few and I'm sure I'll get my honey-do's(honey do this and honey do that) for the the day. If yall in this neck of the woods, do stop by and visit, the door is always open to my friends.

Hugs n Handshakes


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November is National Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month

Hey everyone, glad you could stop by for a while. I've been enjoying this cooler weather, sure makes it a lot easier to breathe...Ahhhhhhhhhh. Well November is National Pulmonary Hypertension month, that is officially. Every day of every month is PH month or day here on Poverty Hill, but I guess it is nice to have an Official month that we can claim. The best thing I can say about Pulmonary Hypertension is that it sux, big time. Pulmonary Hypertension is high pressure in your heart and lungs that causes your heart to enlarge, ain't no use in getting technical with it. It is a life threatening disease that changes your whole life. There is no known cure at this time, but through the hard work and dedication of the Pulmonary Hypertension Association and members and patients, there have been many treatments developed to help control the symptoms and slow the progression of this disease. Hopefully one day there will be a cure but all of us must continue to do our part in letting people out there know about this dreadful disease and continuing to support the individuals that have been affected by it. Give this link to people you know, let them read and find out about Pulmonary Hypertension: This place is packed full of information for people who want to know more about the disease, and for individuals who need support.
If you think that you might have pulmonary hypertension or know someone who may have it be sure to see a "PH Specialist", PH is often misdiagnosed even for years, don't wait until the symptoms are so bad that it threatens your life. I repeat, a "PH Specialist."
I'm sorry if I've came on a lil bold, but this is something that I feel strongly about and hope that others can become educated about this disease. Every day we fight the fight and continue to hope for a cure, if not for us, for the people that will contract the disease in the future.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is it about over???

Hello Yall, glad ya could stop by. Well I don't know about yall but I'll be glad when this darned Presidential election is over. I've learned all kinds of stuff about these candidates for President but I still don't know what the heck they plan on doing for this country. LOL.... election coverage has turned into a glorified gossip column that those fancy storebought tabloids like the one where ya read about those two headed chickens and all, can't even compare with. It's all a he said, she said thing now, so what is either one of them gonna do to help this country thats in such a big mess, me n Plumber Joe wanna know!! And since when was someone making $250,000 dollars a year middle class. Hell thats a rich person, at least it is in my part of the country. If I made that kinda money, I'd strut around like the boss Rooster in the henhouse, Sheesh give me a break. I think these people are way outta reach with reality, they've been drawing those big salaries toooooooo long, they've forgotten what the average person makes in a year, and you can bet your sweet ass it isn't $250,000 a year, if it is, I'm goin back to work.
Anyway this has been the longest Presidential campaign that I can ever remember, seems like they've been campaigning for about 5 or 6 years, I'll be so glad when its over, its getting me where I don't even care whether I vote or not. I think everyone working at the polls needs to make sure they have a quarter in their pocket so voters can determine who they're gonna vote for by flipping the coin. This is the very reason that I hate politics. And to top it all off, it really doesn't matter who we vote for, the electoral college is gonna put who they want in anyway.
But me being the dedicated American I am, I will vote.
In the meantime, I think I'll go around my neck of the woods and find all they dirt on people around here and file it just in case I have anyone that wants to take my job as mayor of Poverty Hill, that way I'll be ready with the dirt slangin details. I guess thats bout enough of my political prowess, the real ruler of Poverty Hill is telling me she wants to use the computer, and folks that means I've been overruled.
Yall come when ya can, the doors always open to my friends.

Hugz and Handshakes


Sunday, October 26, 2008

What's Happened

Hello again everyone, greetings from Poverty Hill. Mannnnnnn the weather has been great here for the past couple of weeks, cool nights, mild days, and I'm lovin it. I can breathe almost like a regular person, well at least I thought I could until I decided to go for a walk in the woods and was reminded by my huffin and puffin that I'm not normal anymore. Oh well, I'll work with what I got.
Miss Judi and I was sitting around talking about Halloween coming up soon. Halloween just isn't the same as it used to be when I was growing up. It was one of those fun holidays for us kids, where we could dress up and load up on the goodies from around the neighborhood. Mom would put all kind of face paint on us and dress us up like all kinds of stuff, she enjoyed it as much as we did I think. Some of the kids even got those fancy store bought costumes which made them the envy of the neighborhood.......laffin. I always looked forward to seeing the lil kids come around dressed up hollerin "Trick or Treat." Seems like it was like that until I'd say 10 years ago. Now if we get 4 or 5 kids it's a lot. I know kids are still kids and they still love whats happened? I heard someone say Halloween is a sadistic holiday where everyone that participates is some sort of many 4,5,6,7 or 8 years olds have yall seen worshiping some sort of pagan or devil worshiping. That's about the dumbest dayum thing I've ever heard of.......give me a break. I never even thought about such a thing when I was getting dressed up as a hobo to get me some of those goodies, and kids now don't either, Lordy. Just let the kids have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep em safe, but let em have fun. I'm beginning to wonder if it's not the generation of Mom's and Dad's that too lazy to take em out. Going to MacDonalds for Halloween just isn't the same thing..!!!!!!!!!!! My Grandkids are gonna dress up, I can bet ya that, I want them to look back and have memories of costumes and candy and having fun going from house to house saying "Trick or Treat.", with eyes big in anticipation of what kinds of treats they will get.
Anyway that's my view on Halloween for what its worth.....laffin.
Well I guess I've rambled enuff for now, I need to get my butt in gear, gotta get those pumpkins ready for the Grandkids to carve and paint. See yall again soon, stop by if ya get a chance, the doors always open to my friends.

Hugss and Handshakes


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Feelin Good

Hallelujah, the cool weather is here, I can breathe. I don't have to be a couch potato any more. Lordy this summer bout took it all outta me, I've never had such a hard time breathing in my life. I've bout let my mayoral duties get behind, I guess I need to get out and start visitin the neighbors. Yep I'm definitely in a better mood, I want to get out and do things, see people, just do something! anything. Hell if it wasn't too late I'd run for President, laffin, seems like I'm just as qualified. No I'm not goin to get started on politics, I hate politics, thats why our country is in such a mess now, all these dayum politicians that undoubtedly have no idea how to manage and run a country. Sheeshhhhhhh.......Here on Poverty Hill we're broke, but we ain't no broker than we ever were.......LOL. I'm thinking about calling my barn a Bank and see if they won't give me some of that bail out money they seem to be so freely tossing around. I have no idea who the next President is gonna be but all I can say is that he's gotta helluva mess to deal with when he takes office. There ain't enuff money in the world to make me want that job. One thing for sure is that if he straightens it out and gets our country back on the right track, I'll sure as hell vote for him on the next election. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Other than all that not much has been going on here on Poverty Hill, Miss Judi still rules the roost with an iron fist, I do mostly what I'm told, and thangs just keep on chuggin along, all the family is doing great, the cats not pregnant, deer season is coming, I can breathe, Judi hasn't beat me, did I mention deer season is coming, life is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well I guess I better get outta here, I got chores to tend to that I've been putting off all summer and now that I'm in such a chipper mood and feeling good I'm gonna take advantage of it. Like always, yall come when ya can, our doors are always open to our friends.

Huggz and Handshakes


Monday, October 13, 2008

Checkin In

Well Howdy Yall, been a while since I did any bloggin, so I'm a lil rusty. Thangs have been pretty hectic on the hilltop in the past few months but I'm sure they'll get on back to the exciting thangs that usually happen around here on Poverty Hill.
Not much to tell though right now, Me n Miss Judi has just been running the roads and piddlin. My buddys donkey, Maggie got sick with the pneumonia and we had to doctor her up, we had a few new calfs born. We haven't been around to collect up the eggs from the hens so we got more chickens than ivory has soap. Other than that ain't really any new happenings around here. I'm sho glad that its turning cooler here though, I can actually get out and stir around without passing out from the heat. I'm not really a cold weather person but this past summer has bout turned me into one, lordy this was the hottest summer we've had in a long long time.
Oh yeah, one new thing, the doctor gave me a fancy machine that I have to wear when I sleep, I look like one of those martians from outer space with it on. Other than that I've been doing good, except for the sadness that I have of losing some good friends at the PHA. They were fighters and will be missed.
I know I'm rambling sure nuff now, so I'm gonna get off here so I can get back to my chores. Yall have a good week and if ya around Poverty Hill drop by and give me n Judi a holler. Our doors are always open to our friends and family.

Hugz n Handshakes

Terry (TW)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Salute to a Soldier

Well these last few days have been gloomy days for our family. Our nieces husband was killed Saturday in a terrorist attack in Pakistan at the Marriott Hotel. He was serving with the US Navy and was performing duties for his country. His name Matthew O'Bryant, joined the service about two years and was assigned to Naval Intelligence in Fort Mead, Maryland. He was 22 years young, just a kid, who loved being in the Navy. He was killed while in the Hotel lobby, not fighting, not hurting anyone, just doing his assigned duties. This was a senseless killing of dozens of people and injuring hundreds of others, unprovoked, uncalled for by a band of thugs, and cowards, I won't justify calling them terrorist because no one will claim doing such a cowardly thing. I spent 30 years in the service, lost many friends and comrads, but we were in a warzone, not in a motel lobby having breakfast.
These people are fanatical lunatics, we can not blame the country of Pakistan because its like every other country, they've got both bad and good and blame doesn't go against the country but against uncalled for aggression by these idiots.
Matt will be missed by his family and friends, but will be remembered fondly. Please take time to Salute Matt and his family for his devoted loyalty to all of us and to his country.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Hey Everyone,
Well its another day in Paradise here on Poverty Hill. We're having a cold wave pass through, its down to almost 88. Thinkin about unpackin my sweaters and jackets. Here it is mid August and I'm ready for the cool weather, gawd there is just no way to satisfy some people; In the winter I can't wait for the summer...
I'm really looking forward to this winter though, I'm gonna get to take my oldest Grandson hunting, I don't know who's more ready me or him....I was the same way with both of my sons, I wanted them to share my passion for hunting and game preservation.
Well it worked, they both do. Now during hunting season I can't get rid of them...laffin. They may not come up much during the year, but you can bet your sweet butt, come deer season, you'll see all you want of them and then some...joking.
I remember back when I took my youngest son deer hunting for the first time. We were up early, way before daylight, well actually I don't think Steve even went to sleep he was so excited. I prepared us a big breakfast and we ate and talked over "The Plan," to bring home some meat. Well it was about 10 degrees that morning, the frost was on the ground and we were walking into the woods just before daylight..brrrrrr it was cold. Steve had on so many clothes he looked like the Michelin Man on the tire commercial. Anyway we sat down and got quiet...Steve was looking around, wiggling, talking, all the things you're not supposed to do. I looked up and saw a huge deer standing not 40 yards away and nudged Steve. He saw the deer and got all excited. He raised his gun to his shoulder and fired a round at the big deer. To my amazment the deer just stood there and looked at us. He had missed, shaking so bad with excitment that he couldn't hold the gun steady. I smiled and looked at him and told him to reload and shoot again, well he did and the deer ran off, Steve missing it cleanly. He looked at me and started crying, I told him don't worry son there will be lots of deer in your life. He said I know Dad, but I got so excited I pee'd all over myself..........laffin. That was the end of that
So now I can't wait to take my Grandson, we'll see what happens with him.
Yall come if ya can, the doors always open.

Hugs n Handshakes


Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Hey Everyone,
Did ya ever have one of those days that you didn't want to do anything, I mean absolutely nothing. Well I've been having lots of those here lately, I just can't seem to get my motor running. Except for being short of breath, I really don't feel bad. Its just that I don't want to talk, socialize.........nothing.....thats what I want to do absolutely nothing, and that is definitely not like me. I'm not really depressed becuase I have nothing to be depressed about, I'm alive, I've been here lots longer than anyone said I would. I just don't know, maybe its like a friend of mine said, maybe its just the summertime blues. OK thats enuff of my belly aching.
Not much to report up here on Poverty Hill, just the heat. I've been hanging pretty close to the house, I usually go out every morning and tinker around until around 9am and then come back in and don't go back out until 6pm. That is unless I have something that I absolutely have to do, which isn't very often. I've always been an outdoors person, I love anything to do with the outdoors, but the heat has never bothered me like it has this year. I can't wait till it starts cooling off some so Levi and I can get out and walk in the woods. Laffin, I can open the door and ask Levi if he wants to go outside and he just looks at me as if asking, "Are you crazy"?
Think I'm gonna break out the ice cream maker today and make up some homemade strawberry ice cream, you know with the big chuncks of strawberry in it, mMMMMmmmmmmmmmm.
Well like I said not much to blog about, guess I'll get outta here and see if Miss Judi has anything she wants to do today. Hope everyone is doing good, till next time God Bless Yall and if ya over this way be sure and give us a holler. The doors aways open for ya.

Hugs and Handshakes


Friday, August 1, 2008

Support Group Meeting

Heyz everyone, Ole TW has been chillin in the A/C. This has been a hot summer and still got lots of it to go. Hope yall stayin cool and beatin this heat. Well Missy Judi and I had a first this past week. We met some new friends, it was the first time since being diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension that we had ever met anyone else with this terrible disease. I was completely amazed, they all knew exactly what I was talking about, and better yet I understood what they were saying. You know things like, down days, shortness of breath, aches, know the regular PH thingy. I thought I was the only one in the world that knew what I was talking, not really, I've learned a lot and met a lot of people on the PHA website. But the truth is it's entirely different being able to stand face to face with someone else who has PH. It was sorta like feeling right at home if ya know what i mean. Anyway we had a great time, met lots of new friends and we are looking forward to the next meeting. If ya get a chance and don't have another thing in the world to do, you could see our website along with a few pics we took at
Other than that not much is happening around here, I've been piddling around trying to keep from being bored. Miss Judi has been keeping a pretty tight rein on me, she acts like I'm sick or something......hmmmmmm. I still sneak off when she's not lookin though, just to look at the cows, or the is good.
Well folks i better get offa here for now, thinkin about ramblin on down to the creek just to get outta the house, well not ramble, more like get on that fandangled four wheeler thang and ride. Yall come when ya can.....the door is always open here on Poverty Hill.

Hugs N Handshakes


Friday, July 25, 2008

Hi Everyone, glad to see you could stop by. Lordy it has been "HOT" here, temps of 100+ about every day and the humidity is terrible. For a lil porker like me it makes getting outside to do anything just about impossible. I figure as long as the lectrik company keeps working, I'll keep the A/C pumpin though. I've mostly just been stayin inside watchin the tube and playin on the puter, but after a while you get tired of that. Ain't been much happenings going on around here if there was I'd know about it cause Miss Judi is in with the local gossip group and she hears everything.
I've been watching on the TV about the candidates for President, yeah I told ya I was bored. I've never been one big into politics because in the military we weren't allowed to voice our opinion and of course I was in the military for 29 years, so most of my life I haven't been much involved except to vote. Looks to me though we don't have a lot to choose from. I had someone ask me the other day how I was gonna vote. I just politely looked at him and told him "Secret Ballot". But really in truly I guess this is a history making year, with a woman and a black man running for president, the world is changing every day. I don't know whether its getting worse or getting better. I guess the main gripe that I would have is that it seems our country would rather give funds to other countries to take care of their people, than to take care of their own people right here in the United States. I'll never figure that one out. Looks almost like they have their priorities all messed up. Don't get me wrong, I'm a patriot, and love my country, but someone needs to take the bull by the horns and get it headed in the right direction. I'm wondering if any
of the candidate for President can do that. I guess we'll see!
I don't have those problems here on Poverty Hill, seeing as how I'm self appointed.
I take care of my people (Judi and myself), I send no money to other countries (because we don't have any), and I absolutely know for a fact who really runs things on Poverty Hill (Miss Judi). Guess thats enough for my political prowess.
Guess me and Miss Judi is going to our first Support Group Meeting in Mobile on Tuesday 29 July, we're looking forward to meeting everyone there. Judi and I have never met anyone else that has Pulmonary Hypertension, it will be nice to talk to someone that really understands and has the same problems. We went 5 years without a Support Group in our area and now within 2 months we have two of them, both within a 2 hour drive. I'm glad people are finally waking up and getting involved.
Well I've jabbered enough, I know by know you're bored so I'll hush and get off of here. Just remember if you're ever in our area, the door is always open, and you are truly welcome.

Hugs and Handshakes


Friday, July 18, 2008

Boring Days on Poverty Hill

Hey Everyone, here it is Friday again, time sure does fly. I've been a lil busy lately, my rear end feels like it grown to my chair from sittin in front of this computer thang. I've been just a learning all kinds of new stuff and I may be gonna quit Mayorin and go into the website bizness. Yep thats right, the world wide web, sounds sorta important don't it? Naw not really, I just been buildin a website for my PH Support Group. It's sorta fun, but ya gotta know a little of that HTML language. I think it must be foreign, judgin by the name of it. Anyway its been a lot of fun making it, sorta kills the time in between my naps...LOL. Ole Levi my beloved companion and I have bout turned into couch potatoes, its been so hot I hate to even go outside before 6 or 7 o'clock, Poverty Hill time that is. I've bout picked outta peas so the pea pickin is coming to a close. Miss Judi has been a puttin em up in the freezer, what I ain't been eating. Nothin like a mess of fresh grown vegetables. Ya know thats something you don't see very much any more, people growing their own vegetables that is. I think people would rather buy em and pay a riciculous price than get out and do it themselves. Well, cepting those folks that don't have a place for a garden, then its understandable.
I don't know whats been wrong with me lately, I just haven't felt like doing much of anything. I don't feel sick, but I just don't have any energy and these chest pains have really been bothering me. The doc didn't see anything wrong when he did my left heart cath last month, well no more than was already there, but I just can't understand why I'm hurting like I am. Guess I'll just attribute it to gettin old, and thank the Lord I'm getting
Well not much to report, nothin much has been happening up on Poverty Hill. I guess things are good, no bad news is good news. I reckon I better be a moseyin, it's bout time for chores, Yall come back when ya can, maybe they'll be some happenins around here to tell ya about. Till then the doors always open.

Hugs N Handshakes


Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Pea Patch

Well Hi there, welcome to the homeplace of the Poverty Hill grand and almighty Mayor TW. I been busy as a beaver trying to get these dad-gum peas and butterbeans picked. You would think a man of my position of high stature and southern breedin wouldn't have to sweat my butt off in a hot field. But i sit her assuring you thats just what Miss Judi has had me doin. Right now I couldn't care any less if another pea, butterbean, tomato, pepper or watermelon ever sprouted out of the ground again.
But of course it'll be a different story when i belly up to the round table of fine eating in Miss Judi's dining room. MMMMMmmmmm .........makes my mouth water just thinkin about it, all that fried chicken, poke chops, with all those vegetable trimmings........lordy have mercy. Oh yeah don't let me forget about the cornbread.
Well thats bout enuff on that, i'm makin myself hungry.....not that I love to eat or anything, it's just that I enjoy being 3 feet tall and weighing 400 pounds.
Speaking of that, you know how us PH'er set ta swellin all along? Well, my belly wuz a lil swelled the other day and one of my neighbors saw me and asked, "Well whatcha gonna have a boy or girl?". I politely just turned and looked at him and said, "Neither, I think it must be gonna be a bale of hay, cause every jackass that comes along asks about it." .........LOL. I feel quite sure he won't ask again.
Hope everyone is doing fine with all this heat, it's been taking a toll on me but I'm staying in the a/c every chance I get. I don't know if it's the PH or the fact that I'm just gettin as old as the hills. Either way its been tuff, yall stay inside as much as possible.
Well I recon I better get outta here, I can hear those lil peas a callin my name, they can call now, but I'll show em who gets the last laff when they're starin at my open Yall come if ya can, the doors always open at the Lindsey's home.

Hugs N Handshakes


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July Heyday

Hello everyone, glad you could stop by Poverty Hill and visit a while. Well Judi, Pat(Judi's sis) and I just got back from our trip abroad....(abroad being Tennessee). Yep around Poverty Hill we're world renowned travelers, taking those dangerous hiways and byways all the way up to the top of Mississippi and into the mountain country of Tennessee, hmmmm about 400 miles away anyhow, but nevertheless famous travelers around these parts. The trip up was nice, and did you know the gas stations on the way up there even had inside bathrooms with white glass pee bowls hung on the walls, truly amazing, I started stopping at those after I'd already killed a few trees along the way before finding out about em. And the cows up in Tennessee have two short legs on one side and two long legs on the other side, I guess so they could stand on the sides of those mountains and still be level, well that's what I told Judi and she believed it.
We had a wonderful 4th of July at my sister Bebe's house, its always great to be surrounded by family. My nephews, Jason, Jamie and Chad were there with their families and we had a great time, I wish my two boys could have been there with their families. Anyway we cooked and cooked and cooked again, all that good BBQ with all the tongue almost slapped my lips off trying to get to it. I'm sure a gained a good 10 pounds while we were there.
Then came those store bought fireworks, they don't shoots guns in the air like we do at Poverty Hill, they have those fancy ones where you spend a months wages paying for em and you can tote it out in a lil sack. They were beautiful though and all the neighbors joined in with theirs so we had a great fireworks show until after midnight. And BTW if any of you buy stocks on the stock market, i have a tip for you, buy Miller Lite, cause I know their stock had to go up a helluvalot this past weekend. There had to be a brewery close by because I know for a fact that there ain't no store can stock that much cold beer. If I'd have had a garbage bag I could've gotten rich from selling them there aluminum cans.........laffin.
Its not that anyone in our clan likes beer, its just a thing we seem to have about looking at the inside bottom of a can, dunno just a habit thingy i guess. When drinkin Poverty Hill moonshine we use clear bottles so we can actually see how much we have left, that way you know when to start sippin instead of gulping.
Well we made it back to the Hill alright, mitey tired and looking like a balloon, but just as happy as a pig in a waterin hole. Guess I'll get rested up for a few days and then I'll have to get to some serious whittlin or somethin. I believe I can hear the fish in the creek a callin my name too, I'll sure have to check that out. Thanks everyone for coming by to visit, if ya got time drop a lil comment to let me know you wuz here, if ya don't have time, well then you need to slow down and enjoy life, each day is a treasure, you just have to realize it and live life to the fullest..........See yall later. Bebe if ya read this, I love ya Sis and thanks for a great weekend, see ya soon.

Hugs and Handshakes


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Road Trip

Heyz everyone, glad you could come by. Things have been going good here in ole Mississippi. I was under the weather for a few dayz but I'm feeling fine now, guess it was some of Sagetree Tony's "Summertime Blues." Had the same symtoms as the "Hounddog Rectumitus", where all ya wanna do is sit on ya rectum and do nothing.
Well Miss Judi has informed me that we're goin on a road trip to the Smokey Moutains, lordy I'm ready to get away for a while but I sure do hate all that drivin.
I guess we're going on Miss Judi's black bullet, a Firebird Trans Am that I hate with a passion. Hell I have to fall into it and crawl out of it, I feel like a rolly polly, but she loves it, I guess thats all that matters.
We both love going to the Smokeys but I just don't love to travel like I used to. The scenery there is beautiful this time of the year and its cool thats the main reason I like going, its cooler there. Of course Judi loves all the shops, and the waterfalls......mostly the shops. Laffin when we were there last year she wanted her picture taken with an old Indian man, then she got all mad when the old warrior tried to cop a feel while I was taking their picture, was hilarious to me. To top it all off she had to pay him to take a picture with her......LMAO. What a way to make a living. Well it's Wednesday and we're leaving early in the a.m. so I guess I better make all the last minute preparations. Yall take care and come back by again when you can. Leanin on the fencepost wavin bye to ya all.


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rainy daze on PH(Poverty Hill)

Hello everyone, glad you could stop by and visit a while. Things on Poverty Hill have been quiet as of lately. I've been a lil under the weather, had a few, as us PH'ers call em down days, in which I didn't feel like doing much of anything. I'm sure this hot weather has a lot to do with it and Miss Judi has had me on the run lately. Ya know doing the "honeydo" stuff....Honey do this and Honey do that! Could be that i caught the "Summertime Blues" from Tony over at Sagetree, just not quite sure what it is.
Lordy we had a big storm yesterday, thought Poverty Hill would for sure be washed away, but we put out the pots and pans to catch the water from the leaking roof, shut up the chickens so they wouldn't blow away, and hunkered down inside and watched as the lightnin was strikin all around. Levi, my trusted companion and official guard dog for Poverty Hill, hid under the table shakin all over and his eyes looked like they were gonna pop out of socket just any minute. I was about ready to join him. I haven't seen a storm with that much lightning in a long time.
Miss Judi is scared to death of bad weather, she shakes bout as bad as Levi.
I haven't heard from my kids in a week or so, I guess they're workin hard trying to support their families, so I try not to bother them. Sure do miss the Grandkids.

Well I won't keep ya, or bore ya to death, not much happening around here, but I do want to thank JenC, a wonderful PH friend of mine for taking pics at the convention in Houston. It was nice for those of us that didn't get to go to see the pictures of everyone. Hugs Jen and thanks, and tell hubby he did a good job as photographer.
We'll have to make him honorary PH PHOTO MAN.
Thanks everyone for coming by and visiting, hope you come back soon.

Hugs N Handshakes


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another day on the Hill

Hey everyone, TW reporting from high atop Poverty Hill, MS. The temperatures are the 90s every day, heading toward that 100 degree mark and not taking long to get here. The cows done quit mooing, the pigs are buried in the mud holes, the mule won't go, the rooster won't get up in the mornings, it's just been a mess around here. I done had to unbutton the side flaps on my overalls, whew just to hot for anything but drinkin good ole iced tea and lemonade. I gotta break out the ice cream maker and clean it up so when the Grandyounguns come I can make em some. Yeah i know they sell that store bought stuff, but it just ain't as good, specially if'n you mix in some fresh strawberries..MMMmmmmmm good stuff.
I sure hope all my fellow PH'ers aren't having as much trouble with the heat as I am. I've gotten to where I stay inside most of the time except early mornings and late afternoon. I'm sure glad that guy invented this air conditioning, makes life a lot easier. Lots better than sitting on those ice blocks we used to have.
I went to PH chat last nite and sat back and watched as the peeps there talked about that convention thang they went to in Texas, sounded like they all had a great time. I'm sure they all needed that break from the same ole every day thang. Now its back to the same ole, same ole though, just now with a lot of great memeories. I'm happy for em. I guarded the PH boards the best i could with my security system, as you might see on the left side of my page and it was never endangered for a second, I'm swelled with pride for doing such a good job. Well speaking of jobs I guess I better get back to mine, a Mayors work is never done, what with a striving neighborhood like this. Yall come back when ya can, the door is always open.

Hugs N Handshakes


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just dabblin

Heyz everyone, hope yall are doing good. Everything is ok here on Poverty Hill, except, the mayor has an absessed tooth....ouch. Dang thang hurts too. Not much happening around here lately, just the usual beatings by Judi. We haven't been going much lately, with the price of gas so high and the mule won't go. I don't know but it seems to me like the government should get involved with the gas prices, heck they get involved with everything else, why not something that would actually do some good. I guess that would be asking too much though, that would go against their principles of holding the hand out behind the back..not that any of them would take a pay off mind you. Its just the way most politicians hold their hands, must be a club thing or somethin. I don't get into politics too much though, I found out long ago to never get involved with discussions about politics and religion.
Well both my boys called and wished me a Happy Fathers Day, which was great, but it felt funny wishing them Happy Fathers Day too....They grew up much too quick. And life goes on.
This is PHA Convention Weekend in Houston, TX. I'm sure everyone will have a great time and listen to some very informational discussions and speeches. Judi and I wanted to go really bad but sometimes things keep us from doing what we want. Life again! I've been reading posts that peeps have put on the board at PHA and the pics are great also. Hope everyone has a safe trip home with some great memeories.
Not much to say at this bloggin session, been sorta quiet, so I guess I need to get to my chores n such. Yall be good and I'll be seeing ya soon.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Life after Cath

Wavin........hey everybody, hope yall doin good today. We're finally getting a little rain here today, not much, probably just enough to make it good and humid. Nothing like fighting for a big breath of air early in the Well we went and got a lil cath on Wednesday morning. They had decided they were going to do a right and left Cath, but when all was done they just did a left, seeing as how I'd just had a right a couple of months ago. Everything went great, I had no blood clots and no blockages, which we were relieved about, seeing as how I'm a blood clot machine. I make em quicker than those lil elves on TV make cookies.
We were up at 3 am in the morning, i know i slept a lil late, because the lady had called and told us to be at the hospital at 5:30am. So Shane, my oldest son, Judi and I were there bright and early, well it was 6:30 before we saw anyone.....laffin.
The waiting room was full of people, not very happy people I must say, waiting on someone,,,,,anyone to show up at the front desk. Finally a lady showed up at the receptionist desk and was bombarded by people, talking in a language that shouldn't be repeated. I looked around and wondered what they were so mad about, I thought this was the way it always is. Anyway I'm fine, Judi's fine, and I've got to work extra hard to make up the time I missed away from Poverty Hill, I'm sure there were many governmental issues that needed tending too while I was gone. It's tuff being Mayor to a thriving community like Poverty Hill.
Hugs and handshakes to all of you, come by when ya can, the doors always open.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Pre Registration

Heyz everyone, hope everyone is doing good today. Well Miss Judi and I went to the Hospital today and got a few blood tests drawn in preparation of the Grand Sticking on Wednesday. I decided that we'd go ahead and pre register and get the blood test done so I wouldn't have to get it done on Wednesday morning. Oh course they were busy as they could be so we filled out all the registration paperwork and sat back out in the lobby to wait for the nurse to come get me for the bloodwork. As I sat there quietly flickin through my magazine a lady came in a sat next to me. I smiled my good mornin smile to her and went back to flickin thru my magazine. I had on my Pulmonary Hypertension Association T shirt and had thought nothing about it when the lady told me..I have that too. I looked up concerned and told her I was sorry to hear that and asked how long she'd been diagnosed with it. She told me that she'd had it for about ten years and that had been through some hard times with it and had been really sick. I listened intently to her as she told me how high her blood pressure had gotten, sometimes 170 over 100. I smiled as i knew she was talking about regular high blood pressure and didn't say anything contrary to let her know Pulmonary Hypertension was entirely different. Finally she asked, what are you here for, your blood pressure high too. I said, No Mam, I'm just here to visit a friend.
If I don't write again before Wednesday yall think about me and Judi in ya prayers, maybe they won't find any extra stuff in there. See everyone later, lotsa hugz and handshakes to yall.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Hi everyone, ole TW back at ya again. Well I went to the Cardiologist this morning, he just gave me a run down on the upcoming events for next week. Have to stop the coumadin, take the lovanox shots in the belly for a couple of days and then to the hospital on Wednesday for a right and left heart cath. Just the same ole, same ole.
Other than that I had a great few days this week, my Granddaughters, ages 3 and 5 came to Papa Terry's and Granny's for a few days. We had a blast with em, but God I forgot how much energy those lil whippersnappers have. Papa T was worn to a frazzle when they went back home. Maybe I'll be rested up in time for the roto rooter(cath), on One conclusion I came to though, is that an ATV is the best thing ever invented....haven't seen a kid yet that didn't love em. I probably put 100 miles on my ATV riding those lil crumb crunchers around. But I loved every minute of it with em, probably more than they did......smiles
Yall cross ya fingers for me on the results of my upcoming tests, hopefully everything will come out fine.
I went to chat in PHA for a lil while last night and chatted up some of my good friends. Everyone was talking about going to the PHA convention in Houston. It makes Judi and me sick that we're not going to be able to attend, we've been looking forward to it since we first learned about it. Oh well, seems like I could see a lil sunshine sometimes in all this dayum gloom. I guess there's no use in dwelling on it, there will be another one. I sure was wanting to meet everyone though.
Guess I better get outta here, I done used up all my allotted electricity for my computer and I hate to take any away from Judi's cooking allotment.
To all my Friends Hugs and hand shakes. Yall come!!!!


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hello Everyone. Looks like its that time again. All my docs have pretty much left me alone except for lil checkups and minor tests, 6 min walks, etc. Guess they figured I'd hadn't been run through the ringer in a while so, as Tony says, The Kings got together and decided " Let's Do Him Some More." My Pulmonary Specialist, Dr Babar is trying to decide whether he'd like to torture me with needles and mechanical pumping devices. I think he's enjoying it so much that he's even let a new friendly Queen Pulmonary Specialist, Dr Fagan join in on the fun because he's such a nice guy he wouldn't want to have all the fun by himself. Wait that's not all, they decided to let the Cardiac King in on the fun. I can seem them all now, their shiny white coats, with their sophisticated lil name plates all gathered around the round table of conference,laughing and joking, saying I know, we can do a right and a left heart cath so we can dig realllllllllllll deep and see just what makes him tick.
The Cardiac King says, I'll look at the left side and also check to see if there are any blockages making TW have these chest pains. The King and Queen of Pulmonary say ok thats cool, we'll look at the right side and check and see just what his pressures have been doing since his last right heart cath. Maybe if they're worse we can stick him really good with some Remodulin. Then all the doctor Kings and Queen say, yeah maybe this will do Miss Judi a job too, she's gotten a lot better about TW's illness, maybe we can worry the hell outta her some more. Of course myself, ole TW, being the most wonderful patient in the world, who's body looks like its been through a meat grinder from surgerys, says sure whatever you guys think will help. After all I'll do anything I can just to live a little longer.


Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thursday, May 29, 2008

City Boy and the Shine

PhotobucketHeyz everyone, thanks for stoppin by. I was reading this morning, well Judi was reading to me, as I never finished the second grade and some of those words are tuff on me, and would you believe they arrested someone in the county for moonshining. I thought those good ole days were gone. I guess people do whatever they can these days to make a penny, with the price of everything so high and all. The good ole dayz...... Reminds me of the time when a cousin of mine come to visit from the city. He was a pretty boy, you know the starched pants and shirt type with every hair in place, neatly slicked down with that fancy city store bought hair tonic.
Anyway, one weekend he came up and we, my other cousins from up the road, decided we'd pull a lil prank on the boy. We told him that we knew where a moonshine still was in the woods that belonged to Old Man Thompson, and after dark we were gonna go in and steal his shine and go sell it. Lordy, talk about hook, line and sinker, he sucked it right up, he absolutely could not wait to go get that shine and go sell it so we could all go to the moving pictures show. Well right before dark one of my cousins said he had to go home that he'd meet us down close to the still. The truth was he went home and got a shotgun and sneaked down to woods ahead of us and hid. Well we sat and talked and laffed about how Old Man Thompson was gonna be mad as heck because someone had stolen his moonshine, but we must never tell anyone, of course because Old Man Thompson would shoot and kill Well you could see in Kevins eyes this sorta caught his attention, the gitting shot part that is...But of course we reassured him that Old Man Thompson went to be early on Friday night and probably wouldn't be checking on his still.
About dark thirty came and we all got in the old truck and started down the road, laffing like all 15 year old boys about to get into some mischief. All that moonshine that we were gonna get and the big money we were gonna sell it for.....whew, makes the mind just We stopped on the side of a dirt road and looked across an open field that was about a quarter of a mile across. We told Kevin that we had to cross that field to get to the still but it was easy walking, and the still was just inside the woods on the other side. Shhhhhh....hold yalls voices down just in case Old Man Thompson is around, and across this wide open pasture we went, stopping all along to listen. I told Kevin how the shine was bottled in jugs and he was to grab as many as he could tote. I was about to laff my butt off, every time at looked at Shelby, my other cousin I'd get so tickled I'd have to hold my mouth and look away. As we were almost to the woodline I could see a flicker of light, my other cousins signal. Well he went to cussing, swearing and hollering "yall trying to steal my shine", and started shooting the gun in the air, I started yelling that I was shot and fell to the ground moaning and bouncing around like I was in terrible pain. I looked up and my city boy cousin, Kevin, had already crossed that quarter mile pasture in world record time, jumped a four foot barbwire fence and was leaving a dust cloud behind him as he ran down the road. In my entire life I've never saw anyone run that fast and jump that high......My cousins and I were laffin so hard I peed myself, that was the best one we'd ever done. We made our way across the field and got back in the truck to go look for Kevin. Well we found him hiding in some bushes about two miles up the road, he wouldn't come out at first because he thought we were Old Man Thompson done come to shoot him. Then he saw us in the truck, rolling with laughter. After making fun of him, we explained there was no still, no Old Man Thompson and it was Mark my other cousin in the woods shooting the shotgun in the air. After this we never could get Kevin to go anywhere with Ya know it didn't take much in the old days to keep ourselves amused, but I bet it was a lot more fun than a video game.
Gotta go for now yall, but come back when ya can. God Bless


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Visitation

PhotobucketHello to everyone stopping by. Its been a few days since I've had time to sit down and write a little. My oldest son Shane and my three Grandsons, Christian, Stevie and Dillon came up and stayed a few days up on Poverty Hill. Needless to say, my butt is still a dragging. We started off the weekend by taking in a movie, Indiana Jones, and of course I had to explain to them how I taught Indiana everything that he knew. That he was a lil orphan boy that I found sleeping in a tater patch and took him under my wing to teach him how to find buried treasures, crystal skulls and the such. Then I had to show my unique fighting skills of Kung Fu, Karate, Ju Jitssu and the Poverty Hill body slam. We visited the fishing hole where monster skulls of all types were found. Saber Toothed Tigers(a beaver skull), Flesh Eating Giant Alligators(catfish head, rather large), and the reclusive Poverty Hill Jungle Jaguar(a dog skull). While the imaginations were in full swing we had to discuss how the dinosaurs had roamed these hills and had drank water from this very watering hole, especially the Tyrannosaurus Rex which was the king of Poverty Hill at that time, which I had killed and taken over Poverty Hill back in my younger days before I got sick.
In the next few dayz we had target practice, ventured into the thick jungle surrounding Poverty Hill, looked for the ever elusive white tailed deer, blazed paths through the thickly overgrown vegetation(Judi's flower bed) and mainly just had a great time. I loved watching my Son with his Sons, it makes a Father proud to see how the next generations are coming along. Thank You God for letting me remain here long enough to see this, I am truly blessed.
Well its gettin on and I still got my chores to do before dark thirty. Yall do stop by again if you're in the neighborhood, its always good to have friends come by.
Wavin.........see yall later....


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hello everyone, TW here bloggin at ya from Poverty Hill. Well I learned a new life lesson over the past few days...... and that is theres some things that ya just don't need to blog about......laffin. So I'm coming back at ya with a newly laid down set of bloggin course I won't mention the reason why, I didn't know milk could get me in soooo much trouble. Nah, not really, Judi just said I can't believe you wrote that....LOL.
Its been sort of quiet around here the past few days, not much going on, I have my morning coffee with my PH buddy, Merle, on Yahoo Messenger, seeing if anything new is happening with her. After that I sit and read everyones blog that I have a web address on, then I sit and ponder on the things that need doing up on Poverty Hill. Today is one of those days that I feel quite sure that I will be doing very little, its supposed to be in the 90's, and if you're a PH'er you know how that affects you especially with this humidity in Mississippi. Laffin, and I was talking to Merle and she was talking about having the heat on, lordy, it amazes me, the difference in weather around the country. Myself, I hate cold weather, I'd make a terrible Eskimo.
One thing that I have learned since joining my PHfriends at the PHA website is that I'm totally without doubt IGNORANT. All those abbreviations, RHC's, SUV's, ABC's and whatever totally blow my mind. I guess I need to get my book out and study...laffin. Seriously I have learned so much from everyone at PHA, in the past I pretty much let Judi handle all the medical stuff, which she is very knowledgeable about, and I just lived life a day at the time without trying to learn about it myself. I guess I thought if I didn't acknowledge it that it would go away...NOT.
Anyway if any of my PH friends are reading this, I want to say from my heart, thank you for being there, for caring, for sharing and understanding and mostly for just being my friend.....and of course for your patience in explaining those dayum
Oh yeah, before getting outta here, I do have one good piece of information that has really excited me. They have started a support group in Mobile, AL, which is about an hour and a half from me and Judi and I are planning to attend their meeting on the 27th of May. We're really looking forward to going.
Guess I need to get to my chores, I've been being good the past few days, what with all the new bloggin rules that have been set forth for me. I am not ignorant as to know when to walk very lightly around the boss Lady.

Yall come if ya can, wavin bye to ya from high atop Poverty Hill.


Monday, May 19, 2008

The Mystery of the Missing Milk

Heyz to everyone and welcome to the Poverty Hill hideout. Well we had some excitement around this this afternoon. My lil wifey and her Mom went to the big city to pick up a few items from the grocery know, fat back, collard greens, grits...the regular stuff. Well our neighbor asked if Judi would pick her up a gallon of milk, and her being the kind hearted young lady she is, she said she'd be glad to. The trip went off nicely, they spent lotz of money as usual and came on back to Poverty Hill with their goodies and the gallon of milk. Our neighbor came up to pick up her gallon of milk and Judi told her it was in the fridge to just help herself. Anyway, in about 5 minutes the neighbor called back and told Judi that the milk was only about 2/3rds full. OMG...Judi immediately picked up the phone and called the store, thinking the manager would politely say just bring it back and we'll exchange it. NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT......laffin
The manager said that it was her mistake and she should have checked to see if it had been opened. Well OK, she hangs the phone up but I can see the steam-a-rising. Her lil face turned red and she picked up the phone, asked for the manager, and gave him a reaming that would make a sailor hang his head in shame....I didn't even know she knew those kinds of words. Well the manager stuck to his original conclusion of it was her fault and she had shown her ignorance by not checking it....well out come a few more choice words and she slams her phone closed. Well her Mother came up and she called also.....of course a little nicer, although not much...and I was sitting here laffin my butt off. Anyway she got the same answer. Two hot women...lordy me........LMAO. I told Judi, just go buy another gallon its no biggie.
Well I sat here and listened to how sorry that store was and how they'd never go back and shop there and all the other bad things that you can say about a store....trying my best not to laugh out loud.
Well Judi decided she'd go back to town and get our neighbor another gallon of milk. She looked in the fridge to see if there was anything else she might need while at the grocery and and LOW AND BEHOLD, a full gallon of nice ice cold milk sat right there on the top shelf of the refrigerator for all to see, shining white and satiny in all its glory........laffin.. Our neighbor had picked up the wrong milk from the fridge without noticing that it wasn't full....Scratching my head, I think to myself, now theres' got to be a moral of the story here..Something like, Make sure you brain is in gear before engaging mouth. All I can say is I'm glad I'm not a grocery store manager. BTW, if you never hear from me again you'll know that Judi found out I blogged this. So long from now from Mayor TW, atop Poverty Hill. (wavin)