Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Other Side of PHTony's Story

Heyz Everyone, I just read PHTony's Thanksgiving story and laughed so hard I almost cried. But as with every story you know theres usually two sides. Being of Indian heritage I figured it was only right that I tell our side of the story.
"One day a young indian brave, Rowanka(meaning short of breath), was hunting by the big rock, called moon rock, and he looked up and saw the biggest canoe he'd ever seen. It had many sick people hanging over the side that seemed very sick, he supposed that was the reason for their whitish colored skin. They came ashore at Moon Rock and everyone headed for the alderberry bushes, tarnishing Mother Earth with the worst stink He'd ever smelled. Hiding in the bushes Rowanka watched as the sick white people started cutting trees and were muttering in a language he didn't understand, something about a Plymouth Rock or Hard Rock, anyway he didn't understand, he figured they must be blessing Moon Rock where their giant canoe had come ashore.
Rowanka watched the skinny half starved white people with great interest as they talked in their native tongue until four men left the camp. In wonderment Rowanka followed as the four men left going into the woods. He followed as the men went towards his village, wondering what they were up to. He knew today was the day his tribe celebrated the Feast of the Harvest to show their thanks to their Gods for the food they were provided. Just outside the village Rowanka ran up to the men and tried to communicate with them and they just kept trying to stick him with long knives. Finally he got them calmed down and found out they were hungry and needed food. Being a helpful brave he took the men to the village market and gave them some corn, collard greens, turnips and turkeys to take back to the poor starving white people. As they were leaving, being a gracious host, Rowanka told them to come again. Little did he know they were going to bring every darn one of those sick white people to the dance that night. Being a gracious host, the Chief, Squanto and his wife, Pokeehauntus, invited the whole bunch to stay and have dinner and join in the celebration. The tribe medicine man made up some medicine for the sick white people, herbs and spices he called coumadin, viagra and tracleer to mention a few. Finally after almost eating the tribe out of their teepee's the poor sick white people left. The white man chief, John Smith, told Squanto and Rowanka, Thanks for Giving(now called Thanksgiving) them food and they hoped that they could live together in peace. Squanto told him he was most welcome and gave the white chief a fruitcake that his mother-in-law had made for him that was terrible and he was glad to finally get rid of. Thinking the white man would only be in their land for a short period of time the indians taught the white men to grow corn and vegetable from the rich land. The only thing is, THEY NEVER LEFT.

Thanks Tony for such a great story, keep up the writing. Yall come when ya can the door is always open for my friends.

Hugs N Handshakes



Anonymous said...


You two are too funny....Great stories though...

Hope you and the family had a great feast:)) Hope you are resting up now..

Take care to ya soon..

Colleen said...

This was just as good as Tony's! You two should become writers, I swear! lol I hope you had a great turkey day!

Colleen :)

phtony said...

Lol Terry - I am not worthy - that was hilarious - I thought you were going to give us the "Un-Americanized" version of what really happened but I liked your version better!

Take Care