Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Great Feast

Wavin,,,hey everybody, hope today finds all of ya doing good. Things are going good here on Poverty Hill. Looks like we're in for a cold winter this year, it seems to have started getting cold a lot earlier than it has the past few years. Thats fine though, I've done broke out the long johns and my cold weather wardrobe, you know insulated overalls, thermo socks, all the good stuff.
I'm preparing for the GREAT FEAST, the yearly eating of wonderful stuff that I know I shouldn't be eating.........but hey its just once a year.....grins. I can just smell the aroma of ham cooking in the kitchen, and the turkey, and the mouth is watering now. I take my preparations for the Thanksgiving feast seriously. I all but quit eating two dayz before, just eating sandwiches and lil snacks so I'll be good and hungry and have lots of room in the old gullet so I can make a pig of myself........laffin. And I do a good job of it!
This is expected of me, I come from a family of great cooks, and each one expects you to eat a belly full of what they cooked or else you'll hurt their feelings. Wellllllllllllllllllllllllll...........I don't hurt anyones feelings.....laffin...I make em all feel good.
Like all families, this is a time for everyone to get together and talk about things that are happening with them and talk about the old days of growing up and the funny things that happened during these times. Mostly just being thankful for this time we have to spend together as a family.
I hope everyone reading this lil blog has a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday spending time with their loved ones. One more thing, please take time during your dinner blessing to remember those soldiers overseas that are spending their Thanksgving away from their families.
Well I guess I need to get outta here for now, I just wanted to write a lil note to everyone and wish em a Happy Holiday and hope ya have many more...
Yall come when ya can, the door is always open to my friends.

Hugz N Handshakes



Colleen said...

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving, too! Don't eat too much all at once. Remember that doing so might cause you to be rather short of breath after! LOL! Eat in moderation, and all day long!
Colleen :)

Nancy said...

Your feast sounds too good to pass. Do you have room for one more at your table?

Teddybear said...

TW enjoy the feast, sounds wonderful. Like Colleen said please eat in moderation, and set one more at the table, for Nancy, if I didn't have somewhere to go I'd be joining also. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Deb.

phtony said...

We must be related; my family is the same way - eat or risk offending someone. Here's a tip I picked up at my last family get together: find an aunt who used to feed you as a kid & ask her to "make" your plate. You end up off the hook! Works like a charm.

Happy Holidays,