Friday, February 20, 2009

Life is good

Heyz to everyone. Welcome back to my lil blog. I'm about ready to do my lil hospital thingy and am anxious to get it over with. Just another thang in the HO HUM life of a PH'er. Laffin don't get me wrong, every day I wake up is a good day.
Heck if I croaked tomorrow, I've saw more things already in my lifetime than most people would ever see. I spent 30 years in the military and have been places most people can't imagine, and done things that I'd never have done if not in the military. So what have I got to complain about....laffin, well with the exception of having PH.
I have a loving wife that has stood by me every step of the way, through the good and the bad and has been my crutch and strength the whole time. She's been my best friend and a wonderful mother to our children. She's been my strength in getting through all this PH, the operations, the different drugs, the doctors, I mean everything. So what have I got to complain about, except PH.
I have two wonderful sons that have also stood by me and put up with all the moving from place to place, the long periods Dad was away from home and now support me through this crappy disease called PH. So what have I got to complain about? Just having PH.
I've made many new friends through PHA that have been a tremendous help to Judi and myself in understanding this disease and supporting us as though we've been friends forever. I thank them and love them very much. So what have I got to complain about. Just having PH.
Overall I guess life has been good, I've got a great wife, wonderful sons, caring and loving friends so what have i got to complain about?......Not a Dayum thang!
Thanks for coming by and if you're ever around my neck of the woods make sure you stop by, the door is always open to my friends.

Hugs N Handshakes