Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thursday, May 29, 2008

City Boy and the Shine

PhotobucketHeyz everyone, thanks for stoppin by. I was reading this morning, well Judi was reading to me, as I never finished the second grade and some of those words are tuff on me, and would you believe they arrested someone in the county for moonshining. I thought those good ole days were gone. I guess people do whatever they can these days to make a penny, with the price of everything so high and all. The good ole dayz...... Reminds me of the time when a cousin of mine come to visit from the city. He was a pretty boy, you know the starched pants and shirt type with every hair in place, neatly slicked down with that fancy city store bought hair tonic.
Anyway, one weekend he came up and we, my other cousins from up the road, decided we'd pull a lil prank on the boy. We told him that we knew where a moonshine still was in the woods that belonged to Old Man Thompson, and after dark we were gonna go in and steal his shine and go sell it. Lordy, talk about hook, line and sinker, he sucked it right up, he absolutely could not wait to go get that shine and go sell it so we could all go to the moving pictures show. Well right before dark one of my cousins said he had to go home that he'd meet us down close to the still. The truth was he went home and got a shotgun and sneaked down to woods ahead of us and hid. Well we sat and talked and laffed about how Old Man Thompson was gonna be mad as heck because someone had stolen his moonshine, but we must never tell anyone, of course because Old Man Thompson would shoot and kill Well you could see in Kevins eyes this sorta caught his attention, the gitting shot part that is...But of course we reassured him that Old Man Thompson went to be early on Friday night and probably wouldn't be checking on his still.
About dark thirty came and we all got in the old truck and started down the road, laffing like all 15 year old boys about to get into some mischief. All that moonshine that we were gonna get and the big money we were gonna sell it for.....whew, makes the mind just We stopped on the side of a dirt road and looked across an open field that was about a quarter of a mile across. We told Kevin that we had to cross that field to get to the still but it was easy walking, and the still was just inside the woods on the other side. Shhhhhh....hold yalls voices down just in case Old Man Thompson is around, and across this wide open pasture we went, stopping all along to listen. I told Kevin how the shine was bottled in jugs and he was to grab as many as he could tote. I was about to laff my butt off, every time at looked at Shelby, my other cousin I'd get so tickled I'd have to hold my mouth and look away. As we were almost to the woodline I could see a flicker of light, my other cousins signal. Well he went to cussing, swearing and hollering "yall trying to steal my shine", and started shooting the gun in the air, I started yelling that I was shot and fell to the ground moaning and bouncing around like I was in terrible pain. I looked up and my city boy cousin, Kevin, had already crossed that quarter mile pasture in world record time, jumped a four foot barbwire fence and was leaving a dust cloud behind him as he ran down the road. In my entire life I've never saw anyone run that fast and jump that high......My cousins and I were laffin so hard I peed myself, that was the best one we'd ever done. We made our way across the field and got back in the truck to go look for Kevin. Well we found him hiding in some bushes about two miles up the road, he wouldn't come out at first because he thought we were Old Man Thompson done come to shoot him. Then he saw us in the truck, rolling with laughter. After making fun of him, we explained there was no still, no Old Man Thompson and it was Mark my other cousin in the woods shooting the shotgun in the air. After this we never could get Kevin to go anywhere with Ya know it didn't take much in the old days to keep ourselves amused, but I bet it was a lot more fun than a video game.
Gotta go for now yall, but come back when ya can. God Bless


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Visitation

PhotobucketHello to everyone stopping by. Its been a few days since I've had time to sit down and write a little. My oldest son Shane and my three Grandsons, Christian, Stevie and Dillon came up and stayed a few days up on Poverty Hill. Needless to say, my butt is still a dragging. We started off the weekend by taking in a movie, Indiana Jones, and of course I had to explain to them how I taught Indiana everything that he knew. That he was a lil orphan boy that I found sleeping in a tater patch and took him under my wing to teach him how to find buried treasures, crystal skulls and the such. Then I had to show my unique fighting skills of Kung Fu, Karate, Ju Jitssu and the Poverty Hill body slam. We visited the fishing hole where monster skulls of all types were found. Saber Toothed Tigers(a beaver skull), Flesh Eating Giant Alligators(catfish head, rather large), and the reclusive Poverty Hill Jungle Jaguar(a dog skull). While the imaginations were in full swing we had to discuss how the dinosaurs had roamed these hills and had drank water from this very watering hole, especially the Tyrannosaurus Rex which was the king of Poverty Hill at that time, which I had killed and taken over Poverty Hill back in my younger days before I got sick.
In the next few dayz we had target practice, ventured into the thick jungle surrounding Poverty Hill, looked for the ever elusive white tailed deer, blazed paths through the thickly overgrown vegetation(Judi's flower bed) and mainly just had a great time. I loved watching my Son with his Sons, it makes a Father proud to see how the next generations are coming along. Thank You God for letting me remain here long enough to see this, I am truly blessed.
Well its gettin on and I still got my chores to do before dark thirty. Yall do stop by again if you're in the neighborhood, its always good to have friends come by.
Wavin.........see yall later....