Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Visitation

PhotobucketHello to everyone stopping by. Its been a few days since I've had time to sit down and write a little. My oldest son Shane and my three Grandsons, Christian, Stevie and Dillon came up and stayed a few days up on Poverty Hill. Needless to say, my butt is still a dragging. We started off the weekend by taking in a movie, Indiana Jones, and of course I had to explain to them how I taught Indiana everything that he knew. That he was a lil orphan boy that I found sleeping in a tater patch and took him under my wing to teach him how to find buried treasures, crystal skulls and the such. Then I had to show my unique fighting skills of Kung Fu, Karate, Ju Jitssu and the Poverty Hill body slam. We visited the fishing hole where monster skulls of all types were found. Saber Toothed Tigers(a beaver skull), Flesh Eating Giant Alligators(catfish head, rather large), and the reclusive Poverty Hill Jungle Jaguar(a dog skull). While the imaginations were in full swing we had to discuss how the dinosaurs had roamed these hills and had drank water from this very watering hole, especially the Tyrannosaurus Rex which was the king of Poverty Hill at that time, which I had killed and taken over Poverty Hill back in my younger days before I got sick.
In the next few dayz we had target practice, ventured into the thick jungle surrounding Poverty Hill, looked for the ever elusive white tailed deer, blazed paths through the thickly overgrown vegetation(Judi's flower bed) and mainly just had a great time. I loved watching my Son with his Sons, it makes a Father proud to see how the next generations are coming along. Thank You God for letting me remain here long enough to see this, I am truly blessed.
Well its gettin on and I still got my chores to do before dark thirty. Yall do stop by again if you're in the neighborhood, its always good to have friends come by.
Wavin.........see yall later....



Merle said...

OCool beans TW... I just knew you would make an adventure for those boyz... and your imagination is running wild with and for them. I can just see the smile on your sons face as you tell those tall tales. Not only are you blessed but they are as well having you. Keep up to good work.

Anonymous said...

What a great visit:))
Sounds like tons of fun!!
I am so happy you had all that time with them..I am sure they enjoyed it too..I bet the stories were great:)

Did miss ya in chat and now it sounds like you need to catch up on some rest..

Tell Judi hello from Texas..
Take care

Colleen said...

I'm so glad you had a great visit! It sounds like you were busy, and I'm sure the boys loved your tales of the prehistoric ages and such. lol My goodness, how old are you really?? haha!
Colleen :)

Tony said...

Sometimes the measure of good writing is counted by the number of smiles it brings to the faces of others. My friend, your blog is my new pool of happiness. Whenever I need a smile, I'm lookin this way...so keep up the great work!

Wendy's Mom said...


You are so cute. I love your blog. I am sure those kiddo's were having a great time with Grand Dad.
I have a question for Judi? Do you just sit and laugh at this man all the time? I bet he can make you smile when you are down like we women folks get?
I swear if my Mom was alive Man she and Terry would have a good ole time. They would have to meet. LOL!!
Thanks for all the fun.
Still hopin' to see you guys at the conference.

Love ya,