Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hello everyone, TW here bloggin at ya from Poverty Hill. Well I learned a new life lesson over the past few days...... and that is theres some things that ya just don't need to blog about......laffin. So I'm coming back at ya with a newly laid down set of bloggin course I won't mention the reason why, I didn't know milk could get me in soooo much trouble. Nah, not really, Judi just said I can't believe you wrote that....LOL.
Its been sort of quiet around here the past few days, not much going on, I have my morning coffee with my PH buddy, Merle, on Yahoo Messenger, seeing if anything new is happening with her. After that I sit and read everyones blog that I have a web address on, then I sit and ponder on the things that need doing up on Poverty Hill. Today is one of those days that I feel quite sure that I will be doing very little, its supposed to be in the 90's, and if you're a PH'er you know how that affects you especially with this humidity in Mississippi. Laffin, and I was talking to Merle and she was talking about having the heat on, lordy, it amazes me, the difference in weather around the country. Myself, I hate cold weather, I'd make a terrible Eskimo.
One thing that I have learned since joining my PHfriends at the PHA website is that I'm totally without doubt IGNORANT. All those abbreviations, RHC's, SUV's, ABC's and whatever totally blow my mind. I guess I need to get my book out and study...laffin. Seriously I have learned so much from everyone at PHA, in the past I pretty much let Judi handle all the medical stuff, which she is very knowledgeable about, and I just lived life a day at the time without trying to learn about it myself. I guess I thought if I didn't acknowledge it that it would go away...NOT.
Anyway if any of my PH friends are reading this, I want to say from my heart, thank you for being there, for caring, for sharing and understanding and mostly for just being my friend.....and of course for your patience in explaining those dayum
Oh yeah, before getting outta here, I do have one good piece of information that has really excited me. They have started a support group in Mobile, AL, which is about an hour and a half from me and Judi and I are planning to attend their meeting on the 27th of May. We're really looking forward to going.
Guess I need to get to my chores, I've been being good the past few days, what with all the new bloggin rules that have been set forth for me. I am not ignorant as to know when to walk very lightly around the boss Lady.

Yall come if ya can, wavin bye to ya from high atop Poverty Hill.



Shane Lindsey said...

I wonder exactly what these chores you keep writing about really are...

Anonymous said...

I told ya..PH Man..LMAO..
that Judi would skin ya..LOL
I hope you are not in the dog house too awful long...

How ya doing? I am sure that humidity is not great for ya..
I am so happy YALL are going to the support meeting..
Take care,

Merle said...

You are too funny and I do appreciate our morning coffee chats -- even though I don't drink that yukky stuff :o) but I do enjoy my yukky stuff.
I think I am now back on track and that means I'm almost normal, who woudda thunk it.
Catch ya in the a.m.


Tony said...


I love reading your blog - your sense of humor is right down my alley - btw (by the way lol), how many pelts did Judi get off of ya? LOL