Monday, October 13, 2008

Checkin In

Well Howdy Yall, been a while since I did any bloggin, so I'm a lil rusty. Thangs have been pretty hectic on the hilltop in the past few months but I'm sure they'll get on back to the exciting thangs that usually happen around here on Poverty Hill.
Not much to tell though right now, Me n Miss Judi has just been running the roads and piddlin. My buddys donkey, Maggie got sick with the pneumonia and we had to doctor her up, we had a few new calfs born. We haven't been around to collect up the eggs from the hens so we got more chickens than ivory has soap. Other than that ain't really any new happenings around here. I'm sho glad that its turning cooler here though, I can actually get out and stir around without passing out from the heat. I'm not really a cold weather person but this past summer has bout turned me into one, lordy this was the hottest summer we've had in a long long time.
Oh yeah, one new thing, the doctor gave me a fancy machine that I have to wear when I sleep, I look like one of those martians from outer space with it on. Other than that I've been doing good, except for the sadness that I have of losing some good friends at the PHA. They were fighters and will be missed.
I know I'm rambling sure nuff now, so I'm gonna get off here so I can get back to my chores. Yall have a good week and if ya around Poverty Hill drop by and give me n Judi a holler. Our doors are always open to our friends and family.

Hugz n Handshakes

Terry (TW)