Monday, November 17, 2008

Memory Makers

Hey everyone, hope this blog day finds ya doing well. Well its official, we had frost this morning....ughh, that means another dreary winter on the way. All the leaves are falling from the trees, the colors of green are gone, and its time to break out the ole longjohns. This time of the year seems depressing, if I stay inside I'm bored and want to go outside. If I go outside I freeze my buttocks off and my lungs burn from breathing the cold air. After the miserable hot summer we had this year I figured that I'd be happy to see winter come. Laffin I guess there's just no way to please me.
I used to get all anxious and excited when cold weather got here mainly because I love to hunt. My sons and I get up early in the morning wayyyyyyyyy before daylight and have a big breakfast and drink coffee and talk about our plans for the hunt that day. This is a time just for us, time we can spend together and laugh and make fun of each other about that missed shot, or the falling in the creek. Judi calls it Man Time, I call it memory makers. This year we'll be welcoming a new member to the Hunting morning Social Club, my oldest Grandson has come of age to deer hunt. I don't know who's more excited, me or him. I thank God for letting me live to see this. I know to many of you this seems unimportant. Wrong.........these are dayz that my Grandson will have as wonderful memories of for the rest of his life. I remember when my Grandfather first took me hunting, I remember the smell of breakfast cooking, of walking out on the back porch and feeling to cold air, and the excitement the night before the hunt, where I couldn't sleep for thinking about that big ole buck I was gonna get and make my Grandfather and Uncles proud of me. Yep, it may seem insignificant to some but to a man its another big step of growing up. Soon it looks like we're going to be in for another big change though, my oldest Granddaughter wants to get that big un too......LOL. This won't be a man thing, but it will be a step to her independence and of course a delight to Papa Terry. So it won't be a man thing for her but I guarantee it will be a memory maker just the same.
Well I guess I better get outta here, I've done bout used up all my paper and ink. Yall come when ya can, the door is always open to my friends.



Nancy said...

Keep making those memories: every single one will be treasured and shared.

Anonymous said...

Awww..what great memories you all will have...I know the cold is not cold either..Damn I am a constant complainer...and I thought us Women do all that..LOL

Tell Judi Hi and hope she had a great caregiver day:))

Take care