Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Road Trip

Heyz everyone, glad you could come by. Things have been going good here in ole Mississippi. I was under the weather for a few dayz but I'm feeling fine now, guess it was some of Sagetree Tony's "Summertime Blues." Had the same symtoms as the "Hounddog Rectumitus", where all ya wanna do is sit on ya rectum and do nothing.
Well Miss Judi has informed me that we're goin on a road trip to the Smokey Moutains, lordy I'm ready to get away for a while but I sure do hate all that drivin.
I guess we're going on Miss Judi's black bullet, a Firebird Trans Am that I hate with a passion. Hell I have to fall into it and crawl out of it, I feel like a rolly polly, but she loves it, I guess thats all that matters.
We both love going to the Smokeys but I just don't love to travel like I used to. The scenery there is beautiful this time of the year and its cool thats the main reason I like going, its cooler there. Of course Judi loves all the shops, and the waterfalls......mostly the shops. Laffin when we were there last year she wanted her picture taken with an old Indian man, then she got all mad when the old warrior tried to cop a feel while I was taking their picture, was hilarious to me. To top it all off she had to pay him to take a picture with her......LMAO. What a way to make a living. Well it's Wednesday and we're leaving early in the a.m. so I guess I better make all the last minute preparations. Yall take care and come back by again when you can. Leanin on the fencepost wavin bye to ya all.



Merle said...

Judi said you have to take the top off her car to get you in there, no wonder you feel like a rolly poley.

You two enjoy those Smokey Mountains and watch out for those injuns -- no need for those pictures this year *;* Have a safe trip, enjoy the family visit and don't drink too much coffee while you are away -- save some for me ~ but only if it's decaf *;*.

Hugs to you both,

Anonymous said...

Hi Buddy:))
Guess you are off on your trip about now..Hope you two enjoy the mountains and have a great time..Be Safe and tell Judi to watch out for them "Smokeys"LOL...Is she the real "Bandit" ?
Will be checking back later in the week to read your stories...
Take care

Hugs to ya both,