Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July Heyday

Hello everyone, glad you could stop by Poverty Hill and visit a while. Well Judi, Pat(Judi's sis) and I just got back from our trip abroad....(abroad being Tennessee). Yep around Poverty Hill we're world renowned travelers, taking those dangerous hiways and byways all the way up to the top of Mississippi and into the mountain country of Tennessee, hmmmm about 400 miles away anyhow, but nevertheless famous travelers around these parts. The trip up was nice, and did you know the gas stations on the way up there even had inside bathrooms with white glass pee bowls hung on the walls, truly amazing, I started stopping at those after I'd already killed a few trees along the way before finding out about em. And the cows up in Tennessee have two short legs on one side and two long legs on the other side, I guess so they could stand on the sides of those mountains and still be level, well that's what I told Judi and she believed it.
We had a wonderful 4th of July at my sister Bebe's house, its always great to be surrounded by family. My nephews, Jason, Jamie and Chad were there with their families and we had a great time, I wish my two boys could have been there with their families. Anyway we cooked and cooked and cooked again, all that good BBQ with all the fixins...mmMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm.....my tongue almost slapped my lips off trying to get to it. I'm sure a gained a good 10 pounds while we were there.
Then came those store bought fireworks, they don't shoots guns in the air like we do at Poverty Hill, they have those fancy ones where you spend a months wages paying for em and you can tote it out in a lil sack. They were beautiful though and all the neighbors joined in with theirs so we had a great fireworks show until after midnight. And BTW if any of you buy stocks on the stock market, i have a tip for you, buy Miller Lite, cause I know their stock had to go up a helluvalot this past weekend. There had to be a brewery close by because I know for a fact that there ain't no store can stock that much cold beer. If I'd have had a garbage bag I could've gotten rich from selling them there aluminum cans.........laffin.
Its not that anyone in our clan likes beer, its just a thing we seem to have about looking at the inside bottom of a can, dunno just a habit thingy i guess. When drinkin Poverty Hill moonshine we use clear bottles so we can actually see how much we have left, that way you know when to start sippin instead of gulping.
Well we made it back to the Hill alright, mitey tired and looking like a balloon, but just as happy as a pig in a waterin hole. Guess I'll get rested up for a few days and then I'll have to get to some serious whittlin or somethin. I believe I can hear the fish in the creek a callin my name too, I'll sure have to check that out. Thanks everyone for coming by to visit, if ya got time drop a lil comment to let me know you wuz here, if ya don't have time, well then you need to slow down and enjoy life, each day is a treasure, you just have to realize it and live life to the fullest..........See yall later. Bebe if ya read this, I love ya Sis and thanks for a great weekend, see ya soon.

Hugs and Handshakes



Annette said...

Hello Terry! I've read your blog a couple of times and I just have to tell you how much I LOVE it! You have quite the way with words! I'm glad you're back safe and sound from your holiday weekend.
Take care.

Colleen said...

Hey there, Terry, I'm so glad you and Judi made it back! It sounds like you had a grand old time at your sister's. Poverty Hill missed ya, as well as some of your readers!! lol
Colleen :)

Merle said...

You make me smile with your tales of wonderment.
BBQ's, fireworks, beer cans and those awesome porcelain bowls.
Thanks for being a phriend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Buddy:))
Glad you & Judi had a safe drive back..Sounds like a lovely vacation..Food sounded yummy,no wonder you are rolling around there..LOL
Rest up and love your stories..

Take care..Hope to be back on regular scheduled times ASAP..lol