Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Pea Patch

Well Hi there, welcome to the homeplace of the Poverty Hill grand and almighty Mayor TW. I been busy as a beaver trying to get these dad-gum peas and butterbeans picked. You would think a man of my position of high stature and southern breedin wouldn't have to sweat my butt off in a hot field. But i sit her assuring you thats just what Miss Judi has had me doin. Right now I couldn't care any less if another pea, butterbean, tomato, pepper or watermelon ever sprouted out of the ground again.
But of course it'll be a different story when i belly up to the round table of fine eating in Miss Judi's dining room. MMMMMmmmmm .........makes my mouth water just thinkin about it, all that fried chicken, poke chops, with all those vegetable trimmings........lordy have mercy. Oh yeah don't let me forget about the cornbread.
Well thats bout enuff on that, i'm makin myself hungry.....not that I love to eat or anything, it's just that I enjoy being 3 feet tall and weighing 400 pounds.
Speaking of that, you know how us PH'er set ta swellin all along? Well, my belly wuz a lil swelled the other day and one of my neighbors saw me and asked, "Well whatcha gonna have a boy or girl?". I politely just turned and looked at him and said, "Neither, I think it must be gonna be a bale of hay, cause every jackass that comes along asks about it." .........LOL. I feel quite sure he won't ask again.
Hope everyone is doing fine with all this heat, it's been taking a toll on me but I'm staying in the a/c every chance I get. I don't know if it's the PH or the fact that I'm just gettin as old as the hills. Either way its been tuff, yall stay inside as much as possible.
Well I recon I better get outta here, I can hear those lil peas a callin my name, they can call now, but I'll show em who gets the last laff when they're starin at my open Yall come if ya can, the doors always open at the Lindsey's home.

Hugs N Handshakes



Merle said...

I was gonna ask you about the pea pickin and how you made out -- sounds like you won that round. You be sure to stay inside with that a/c and yes, this hot weather does do a number on us. Seems like those articles that say this summer weather tends to help us retain extra fluid -- I don't need any help gettin it... just help gettin rid of it. *;*
You take care and have some corn bread for me -- I just love corn bread.
Smiles to you,

Wendy's Mom said...


Tell Miss Judi that if I ever get well I want to come eat some of her fresh vegetables, country fried chicken, and of course that cornbread. LOL!! Most of my family lived in Arkansas and Alabama so I have had some good ole country home made cookin' and there is NOTHING compared to it.

Love ya,

Colleen said...

Ok, I really shouldn't have read your blog before bedtime, because now I am hungry and it's way too late to snack!! LOL! All the veggies sound yummy, and just thinking of what Miss Judi can do with them to make a fine tasting meal makes my mouth water. Hey, maybe I'll have good dreams tonight about feasts with the Mayor?? hehe

Have a good one!
Colleen :)