Friday, July 18, 2008

Boring Days on Poverty Hill

Hey Everyone, here it is Friday again, time sure does fly. I've been a lil busy lately, my rear end feels like it grown to my chair from sittin in front of this computer thang. I've been just a learning all kinds of new stuff and I may be gonna quit Mayorin and go into the website bizness. Yep thats right, the world wide web, sounds sorta important don't it? Naw not really, I just been buildin a website for my PH Support Group. It's sorta fun, but ya gotta know a little of that HTML language. I think it must be foreign, judgin by the name of it. Anyway its been a lot of fun making it, sorta kills the time in between my naps...LOL. Ole Levi my beloved companion and I have bout turned into couch potatoes, its been so hot I hate to even go outside before 6 or 7 o'clock, Poverty Hill time that is. I've bout picked outta peas so the pea pickin is coming to a close. Miss Judi has been a puttin em up in the freezer, what I ain't been eating. Nothin like a mess of fresh grown vegetables. Ya know thats something you don't see very much any more, people growing their own vegetables that is. I think people would rather buy em and pay a riciculous price than get out and do it themselves. Well, cepting those folks that don't have a place for a garden, then its understandable.
I don't know whats been wrong with me lately, I just haven't felt like doing much of anything. I don't feel sick, but I just don't have any energy and these chest pains have really been bothering me. The doc didn't see anything wrong when he did my left heart cath last month, well no more than was already there, but I just can't understand why I'm hurting like I am. Guess I'll just attribute it to gettin old, and thank the Lord I'm getting
Well not much to report, nothin much has been happening up on Poverty Hill. I guess things are good, no bad news is good news. I reckon I better be a moseyin, it's bout time for chores, Yall come back when ya can, maybe they'll be some happenins around here to tell ya about. Till then the doors always open.

Hugs N Handshakes



Colleen said...

Well that just stinks about the chest pains! Are you taking anything for them?? I hope they magically disappear very soon! I think you should do some websites. It would certainly keep you busy! lol Hope you and Miss Judi have a great weekend!
Colleen :)

Annette said...

I'm also sorry about the pain and the "laziness." I've also been completely unmotivated about any and every thing. I'm just so grateful that someone created the TV remote control, or I would have to watch the same channel all day! Please take care of yourself. Is it humid there on "Poverty Hill?" It's miserable humid here and that seems to increase my chest pains. Please take care and continue being "one with the couch."

ali said...

I agree with Anette...humidity is not our friend. and I see that you are learning a new language. The SG site looks good. Could you link it on your blog (for those of us too lazy to click one more time to get there)? Take care...ali

Anonymous said...

Hey Buddy...
Sorry about that darn chest pain again..I was hoping it left ya for good...I know this heat and humidity is really draining me...I am sure it is the same there.

Glad you are learning some new skills..LOL

Tell JudI hello and hope you both are holding your own...Eat some peas for me...

Hugs and love,

Kathy said...

I get bored is a major issue for me...and then there are days when I just do not feel like doing anything and I hate being so uninterested...take care and God bless :)