Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rainy daze on PH(Poverty Hill)

Hello everyone, glad you could stop by and visit a while. Things on Poverty Hill have been quiet as of lately. I've been a lil under the weather, had a few, as us PH'ers call em down days, in which I didn't feel like doing much of anything. I'm sure this hot weather has a lot to do with it and Miss Judi has had me on the run lately. Ya know doing the "honeydo" stuff....Honey do this and Honey do that! Could be that i caught the "Summertime Blues" from Tony over at Sagetree, just not quite sure what it is.
Lordy we had a big storm yesterday, thought Poverty Hill would for sure be washed away, but we put out the pots and pans to catch the water from the leaking roof, shut up the chickens so they wouldn't blow away, and hunkered down inside and watched as the lightnin was strikin all around. Levi, my trusted companion and official guard dog for Poverty Hill, hid under the table shakin all over and his eyes looked like they were gonna pop out of socket just any minute. I was about ready to join him. I haven't seen a storm with that much lightning in a long time.
Miss Judi is scared to death of bad weather, she shakes bout as bad as Levi.
I haven't heard from my kids in a week or so, I guess they're workin hard trying to support their families, so I try not to bother them. Sure do miss the Grandkids.

Well I won't keep ya, or bore ya to death, not much happening around here, but I do want to thank JenC, a wonderful PH friend of mine for taking pics at the convention in Houston. It was nice for those of us that didn't get to go to see the pictures of everyone. Hugs Jen and thanks, and tell hubby he did a good job as photographer.
We'll have to make him honorary PH PHOTO MAN.
Thanks everyone for coming by and visiting, hope you come back soon.

Hugs N Handshakes



Colleen said...

You are never boring, no matter what you are talking about! lol Glad you're doing better, hope that keeps up! And I hope the bad storms let up, too. We keep getting lots of thunder and lightning, kinda unusual, but then again, the weather this summer has been far from usual. lol
Colleen :)

Anonymous said...

I love your stories...LOL
Keeps me "laffin"...
I knew you were not feeling the greatest in chat..Hang in there buddy and yes..this heats does alot..a down day every now and then is OK..just be sure to get back up..LOL

My hubby..shhh do not tell him he did a good job..You know how you men are..LOL JK..sorry I did not have more pics...


ali said...

Hey TW,
It was good to talk with you in chat last night...sorry I have been absent. But I can't be put in detention because I was learnin. TX had some of those storms too. I was sitting at my sister's when I heard a familiar "rumble" and then the windows started shakin for about a minute. Yep, 5 miles away was a funnel. I'm glad it didn't visit us. I love storms...from a distance. Anyway, just wanted to pay a visit to soon...Ali

Merle said...

Now I think you sent that storm up north cuz we got it too... Dag nab it anyway...
You tell Levi and Miss Judi it will be all right -- you only have to worry if the roof blows off. *;*
You keep these stories comin and BTW, it's ok to have those down days. We've all been there and done that -- some of us even bought the 'T' shirt.
Hugs to you both,