Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hello Everyone. Looks like its that time again. All my docs have pretty much left me alone except for lil checkups and minor tests, 6 min walks, etc. Guess they figured I'd hadn't been run through the ringer in a while so, as Tony says, The Kings got together and decided " Let's Do Him Some More." My Pulmonary Specialist, Dr Babar is trying to decide whether he'd like to torture me with needles and mechanical pumping devices. I think he's enjoying it so much that he's even let a new friendly Queen Pulmonary Specialist, Dr Fagan join in on the fun because he's such a nice guy he wouldn't want to have all the fun by himself. Wait that's not all, they decided to let the Cardiac King in on the fun. I can seem them all now, their shiny white coats, with their sophisticated lil name plates all gathered around the round table of conference,laughing and joking, saying I know, we can do a right and a left heart cath so we can dig realllllllllllll deep and see just what makes him tick.
The Cardiac King says, I'll look at the left side and also check to see if there are any blockages making TW have these chest pains. The King and Queen of Pulmonary say ok thats cool, we'll look at the right side and check and see just what his pressures have been doing since his last right heart cath. Maybe if they're worse we can stick him really good with some Remodulin. Then all the doctor Kings and Queen say, yeah maybe this will do Miss Judi a job too, she's gotten a lot better about TW's illness, maybe we can worry the hell outta her some more. Of course myself, ole TW, being the most wonderful patient in the world, who's body looks like its been through a meat grinder from surgerys, says sure whatever you guys think will help. After all I'll do anything I can just to live a little longer.



Wendy's Mom said...

TW and Judi,

This is not horrible news actually. At least it sounds like your doctors are wanting to work together and also they are not wanting to start Terry on meds if he does not need them. That is good news. LOL! Now when is this shin dig gonna happen. LOL!! I will be praying for you and like I said I consider this to be good news. LOL!


Anonymous said...

Hi Buddy:)))
Well at least they have a plan...
Hope you and Judi are doing OK..
I know just when you get calmed down, they wanna mess with ya again...
Hang in there..Missing you both in chats lately.

Take care
Stay cool..

Anonymous said...

PS...Love your page, music and all the dancers..LOL

Colleen said...

Well at least there's a plan, right? I know, it stinks being a guinea pig with all the tests, but hopefully they'll be over soon, and you'll be on a med that'll be right and helpful for you! Keep us posted!
Colleen :)

Merle said...

Terry Baby, if I didn't know better, I would think that some how we are related -- well, maybe these docs are at any rate. For a while now, and I've been patiently waiting for this to happen and it's coming upon me faster and faster, my doc has asked for a RHC, LHC, CT and all those wonderful PFT's that are so well known to us PHers. Can't wait to get my stylish Darth Vador helmet on! *v*

You hang in there -- it's really good news, especially when 'you done good' :D on your 6MW

We can compare notes later....


Tony said...

And I always thought the Three Kings was a Christian story...lol

Here's the theory TW:

New King(s) - need to generate money - PH patients are few & far in between so... - 3 Kings decide to share you so all 3 can put more gold in their coffers - Just wait, you'll get bills from Princes too saying they did all this wonderful stuff while you were almost asleep - at the end of the day - you feel worked over with a sore back from laying so long & they enjoy a silver platter full of the finest meats & cheeses


Hope it turns out well for you!