Friday, June 6, 2008

Hi everyone, ole TW back at ya again. Well I went to the Cardiologist this morning, he just gave me a run down on the upcoming events for next week. Have to stop the coumadin, take the lovanox shots in the belly for a couple of days and then to the hospital on Wednesday for a right and left heart cath. Just the same ole, same ole.
Other than that I had a great few days this week, my Granddaughters, ages 3 and 5 came to Papa Terry's and Granny's for a few days. We had a blast with em, but God I forgot how much energy those lil whippersnappers have. Papa T was worn to a frazzle when they went back home. Maybe I'll be rested up in time for the roto rooter(cath), on One conclusion I came to though, is that an ATV is the best thing ever invented....haven't seen a kid yet that didn't love em. I probably put 100 miles on my ATV riding those lil crumb crunchers around. But I loved every minute of it with em, probably more than they did......smiles
Yall cross ya fingers for me on the results of my upcoming tests, hopefully everything will come out fine.
I went to chat in PHA for a lil while last night and chatted up some of my good friends. Everyone was talking about going to the PHA convention in Houston. It makes Judi and me sick that we're not going to be able to attend, we've been looking forward to it since we first learned about it. Oh well, seems like I could see a lil sunshine sometimes in all this dayum gloom. I guess there's no use in dwelling on it, there will be another one. I sure was wanting to meet everyone though.
Guess I better get outta here, I done used up all my allotted electricity for my computer and I hate to take any away from Judi's cooking allotment.
To all my Friends Hugs and hand shakes. Yall come!!!!



Anonymous said...

What beautiful Grandaughters:))
It sounds like you all had fun. I know , Mister, you need to rest up now for the week ahead..

Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers..It will all work out..Give Judi a hug too!!

I guess when I get to go that way , I will Holler at Ya...I wish you could make it to Houston but do understand..

Hang in there Buddy and Rest up...

Merle said...

The girls are beautiful -- how many fish did they catch? and an ATV ride, wow, you are a fun PaPa -- ATV is good enough so you don't have to get a pony *;*

We'll have to compare notes when I get my tests done -- you beat me to it... as you mentioned before, it's a process that needs to be done.

As for the conference, I won't be going either so we'll have to keep those chat rooms greased up and runnin ;o)

You hang in there, I'll be thinkin bout ya...

Colleen said...

I love the pic of your granddaughters, they are so cute! I will definitely be keeping you in my prayers for your rhc, I hope it all goes well! And I won't be attending the conference either, so don't feel so bad! I am hoping maybe the next one I'll be able to go. Maybe you and Judi can, too!
Colleen :)

Wendy's Mom said...

Terry and Judi,

I wish so much that you guys could come to Houston. Who knows, maybe on Wednesday you will get great news and then you can rethink about coming to Houston. You have until the day it starts to change your minds. LOL!! I would absolutely love to meet you guys. LOL!

I will be thinking and praying for you on Wednesday. I have had both at one time and to be honest it is no big deal doing it that way. Judi, PLEASE update us as soon as you can. I can even give you my phone number if you would like so you can call and let me know how he is. Email me if you would like it.

OH BTW! Papa and Granny you got some cute youngin's there. They are PRECIOUS and yes enjoy every minute you have with them. They seem to grow up way to fast!


ali said...

Your grandchildren are beautiful! and you sound like a really fun grandpa....ali