Friday, August 1, 2008

Support Group Meeting

Heyz everyone, Ole TW has been chillin in the A/C. This has been a hot summer and still got lots of it to go. Hope yall stayin cool and beatin this heat. Well Missy Judi and I had a first this past week. We met some new friends, it was the first time since being diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension that we had ever met anyone else with this terrible disease. I was completely amazed, they all knew exactly what I was talking about, and better yet I understood what they were saying. You know things like, down days, shortness of breath, aches, know the regular PH thingy. I thought I was the only one in the world that knew what I was talking, not really, I've learned a lot and met a lot of people on the PHA website. But the truth is it's entirely different being able to stand face to face with someone else who has PH. It was sorta like feeling right at home if ya know what i mean. Anyway we had a great time, met lots of new friends and we are looking forward to the next meeting. If ya get a chance and don't have another thing in the world to do, you could see our website along with a few pics we took at
Other than that not much is happening around here, I've been piddling around trying to keep from being bored. Miss Judi has been keeping a pretty tight rein on me, she acts like I'm sick or something......hmmmmmm. I still sneak off when she's not lookin though, just to look at the cows, or the is good.
Well folks i better get offa here for now, thinkin about ramblin on down to the creek just to get outta the house, well not ramble, more like get on that fandangled four wheeler thang and ride. Yall come when ya can.....the door is always open here on Poverty Hill.

Hugs N Handshakes


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Anonymous said...

Hey there:))
I know what you mean, It is like you were in another world:))

Tell Miss Judi I love her caregiver story:))

Can you tell me which one Donna is in the pics??I have emailed her now for a few years...

I took a look at the site..Great job Kiddo:))

Hugs to ya,