Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Hey Everyone,
Did ya ever have one of those days that you didn't want to do anything, I mean absolutely nothing. Well I've been having lots of those here lately, I just can't seem to get my motor running. Except for being short of breath, I really don't feel bad. Its just that I don't want to talk, socialize.........nothing.....thats what I want to do absolutely nothing, and that is definitely not like me. I'm not really depressed becuase I have nothing to be depressed about, I'm alive, I've been here lots longer than anyone said I would. I just don't know, maybe its like a friend of mine said, maybe its just the summertime blues. OK thats enuff of my belly aching.
Not much to report up here on Poverty Hill, just the heat. I've been hanging pretty close to the house, I usually go out every morning and tinker around until around 9am and then come back in and don't go back out until 6pm. That is unless I have something that I absolutely have to do, which isn't very often. I've always been an outdoors person, I love anything to do with the outdoors, but the heat has never bothered me like it has this year. I can't wait till it starts cooling off some so Levi and I can get out and walk in the woods. Laffin, I can open the door and ask Levi if he wants to go outside and he just looks at me as if asking, "Are you crazy"?
Think I'm gonna break out the ice cream maker today and make up some homemade strawberry ice cream, you know with the big chuncks of strawberry in it, mMMMMmmmmmmmmmm.
Well like I said not much to blog about, guess I'll get outta here and see if Miss Judi has anything she wants to do today. Hope everyone is doing good, till next time God Bless Yall and if ya over this way be sure and give us a holler. The doors aways open for ya.

Hugs and Handshakes



Colleen said...

Mmmmmmm, the ice cream sounds yummy!! My sister just bought an ice cream machine, and she has at least 5 kinds she wants to make. lol I hope she'll let me come over some time to test it out! haha

It seems like it's too hot to just go out and enjoy your days. I hope it cools down soon! Too bad you didn't live up my way, I'd love to hang out some days with you and Judi! Might make your day a little less blah! lol
Colleen :)

Anonymous said...

Yummy..When I get in your area I am for sure stopping by for some homeade ice cream:)) well and the fish house too..Man, we will be eating all day ;)
I know I was at the Mall today and just getting in and out of the car was horrible, it was so HOT...I will be glad when it cools off...

Colleen, I wanna be close and hang out too:(

Take care and Yes, I am trying to get back to that routine of bloggin and chats..LOL

Talk to ya soon:))
And I have those days quite often especially in the heat...


Annette said...

I'm thinking that if your just hanging out, and unmotivated to do much, then your body is telling you to take it easy. So, I'd listen to your body and just be a bum for a while! Actually, I'm starting to think that being a bum could be my new profession!

Merle said...

Not really depressed cuz ya don't have anything to be depressed about... Say what!!! Didn't know ya had to have something to be depressed about to be depressed but I guess it does make some sense... Ja ever hear of stinkin thinkin... that's been me the past few days and the heat -- well let's not get into that -- Judi told me about your flops on the deck -- so hot down there they melted... Now that's something to write home about.
You take it easy my phriend, heat and humidity are not good for some of us PHers-- it really whams us good.
Hugs to you both,
Merle - OHPA