Friday, August 15, 2008

Hey Everyone,
Well its another day in Paradise here on Poverty Hill. We're having a cold wave pass through, its down to almost 88. Thinkin about unpackin my sweaters and jackets. Here it is mid August and I'm ready for the cool weather, gawd there is just no way to satisfy some people; In the winter I can't wait for the summer...
I'm really looking forward to this winter though, I'm gonna get to take my oldest Grandson hunting, I don't know who's more ready me or him....I was the same way with both of my sons, I wanted them to share my passion for hunting and game preservation.
Well it worked, they both do. Now during hunting season I can't get rid of them...laffin. They may not come up much during the year, but you can bet your sweet butt, come deer season, you'll see all you want of them and then some...joking.
I remember back when I took my youngest son deer hunting for the first time. We were up early, way before daylight, well actually I don't think Steve even went to sleep he was so excited. I prepared us a big breakfast and we ate and talked over "The Plan," to bring home some meat. Well it was about 10 degrees that morning, the frost was on the ground and we were walking into the woods just before daylight..brrrrrr it was cold. Steve had on so many clothes he looked like the Michelin Man on the tire commercial. Anyway we sat down and got quiet...Steve was looking around, wiggling, talking, all the things you're not supposed to do. I looked up and saw a huge deer standing not 40 yards away and nudged Steve. He saw the deer and got all excited. He raised his gun to his shoulder and fired a round at the big deer. To my amazment the deer just stood there and looked at us. He had missed, shaking so bad with excitment that he couldn't hold the gun steady. I smiled and looked at him and told him to reload and shoot again, well he did and the deer ran off, Steve missing it cleanly. He looked at me and started crying, I told him don't worry son there will be lots of deer in your life. He said I know Dad, but I got so excited I pee'd all over myself..........laffin. That was the end of that
So now I can't wait to take my Grandson, we'll see what happens with him.
Yall come if ya can, the doors always open.

Hugs n Handshakes



Colleen said...

I'm so sure your son would love to know you've posted that story in your blog for all to read. LOL! How nice, though, that hunting was something you could share with your kids. And it's so cool you get to share that with your grandkids, too!! Myself, I don't want winter to come. Booooooo. haha!

Have a great Saturday!
Colleen :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see ya posting a little :))
How are ya feeling?? Did you have the o2 sleep study? Hows the chest pains?

Love the story as always...miss ya on chat when I make it...I am looking forward to winter as well, sorry to say not for hunting..LOL
Take care

Anonymous said...

Miss your bloggin stories....

Come Back...

I am guessing you are not feeling any better?? Take care