Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is it about over???

Hello Yall, glad ya could stop by. Well I don't know about yall but I'll be glad when this darned Presidential election is over. I've learned all kinds of stuff about these candidates for President but I still don't know what the heck they plan on doing for this country. LOL.... election coverage has turned into a glorified gossip column that those fancy storebought tabloids like the one where ya read about those two headed chickens and all, can't even compare with. It's all a he said, she said thing now, so what is either one of them gonna do to help this country thats in such a big mess, me n Plumber Joe wanna know!! And since when was someone making $250,000 dollars a year middle class. Hell thats a rich person, at least it is in my part of the country. If I made that kinda money, I'd strut around like the boss Rooster in the henhouse, Sheesh give me a break. I think these people are way outta reach with reality, they've been drawing those big salaries toooooooo long, they've forgotten what the average person makes in a year, and you can bet your sweet ass it isn't $250,000 a year, if it is, I'm goin back to work.
Anyway this has been the longest Presidential campaign that I can ever remember, seems like they've been campaigning for about 5 or 6 years, I'll be so glad when its over, its getting me where I don't even care whether I vote or not. I think everyone working at the polls needs to make sure they have a quarter in their pocket so voters can determine who they're gonna vote for by flipping the coin. This is the very reason that I hate politics. And to top it all off, it really doesn't matter who we vote for, the electoral college is gonna put who they want in anyway.
But me being the dedicated American I am, I will vote.
In the meantime, I think I'll go around my neck of the woods and find all they dirt on people around here and file it just in case I have anyone that wants to take my job as mayor of Poverty Hill, that way I'll be ready with the dirt slangin details. I guess thats bout enough of my political prowess, the real ruler of Poverty Hill is telling me she wants to use the computer, and folks that means I've been overruled.
Yall come when ya can, the doors always open to my friends.

Hugz and Handshakes



Anonymous said...

LOL..I know I am glad it is almost over...I am tired of hearing all that BS...

Happy Halloween...

Have a great weekend:))


Merle said...

Right on...


And smile, it's contagiuous

The Admiral said...

TW, I think it's illegal to vote for that squirrel with the hat on.

But I might anyway.