Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Feelin Good

Hallelujah, the cool weather is here, I can breathe. I don't have to be a couch potato any more. Lordy this summer bout took it all outta me, I've never had such a hard time breathing in my life. I've bout let my mayoral duties get behind, I guess I need to get out and start visitin the neighbors. Yep I'm definitely in a better mood, I want to get out and do things, see people, just do something! anything. Hell if it wasn't too late I'd run for President, laffin, seems like I'm just as qualified. No I'm not goin to get started on politics, I hate politics, thats why our country is in such a mess now, all these dayum politicians that undoubtedly have no idea how to manage and run a country. Sheeshhhhhhh.......Here on Poverty Hill we're broke, but we ain't no broker than we ever were.......LOL. I'm thinking about calling my barn a Bank and see if they won't give me some of that bail out money they seem to be so freely tossing around. I have no idea who the next President is gonna be but all I can say is that he's gotta helluva mess to deal with when he takes office. There ain't enuff money in the world to make me want that job. One thing for sure is that if he straightens it out and gets our country back on the right track, I'll sure as hell vote for him on the next election. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Other than all that not much has been going on here on Poverty Hill, Miss Judi still rules the roost with an iron fist, I do mostly what I'm told, and thangs just keep on chuggin along, all the family is doing great, the cats not pregnant, deer season is coming, I can breathe, Judi hasn't beat me, did I mention deer season is coming, life is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well I guess I better get outta here, I got chores to tend to that I've been putting off all summer and now that I'm in such a chipper mood and feeling good I'm gonna take advantage of it. Like always, yall come when ya can, our doors are always open to our friends.

Huggz and Handshakes



Anonymous said...

Dont you love the cooler weather..It is like now you wanna get out and do it all..LOL

You should have ran for Presdient..and if you get that bailout money let me know...
Tell Miss JudI hello and I can see you are looking forward to Deer season...Thx for the great update:)) Glad you are Feelin good;)

See ya in chat soon, if you are not hanging outside??


Merle said...

So glad you are fellin' chipper.
With all them cows why you wanna go deer hunting???? *;* Must be a guy thing.
You take care and howdy to Miss Judi.

Keep smiling, it's contagious,