Friday, November 7, 2008

It's already November!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heyz to everyone!!! Well its 7 days into Novemeber, Lordy hasn't this year flown by. It'll soon be Turkey day, whewwwwwww I can't hardly wait to eat all those goodies I'm not supposed to eat.....(hey its just one day out of the year...sheesh, give me a lil break here. I know traditionally we're supposed to eat turkey and Thanksgiving, but an event from the past has left me with a taste for ham instead. Back when I was just a lil tadpole, about 6 years old, I found out about that poor ole turkey that looked so fine on the table, all juicy and lookin so fine. I was at my Grandpa's for the holiday as we always spent our time there on his farm for Thanksgiving Now that was heaven, cakes, pies, homemade candy, homemade ice cream, shoot my mouth is waterin just thinkin about it.
Well anyway it was the day before "The Big Eatin" and I was up early to help Grandpa with his chores feeding the animals and the like. That afternoon he told me that we had to get a turkey for dinner the next day, of course I thought turkeys came from the grocery store and we would go to the store and pick out a good un. Not!!!!!!!!!!!!! He laughed and told me that we were going to kill one of his that he had been fattening up for Thanksgiving. Well that didn't go off too well with me because those turkeys weren't bothering anyone just walking around in the pen. Well I didn't stay around for the murderin or pickin but I went back later and saw that one was missing. Yep, thats right, I ain't eat turkey since and every Thanksgiving at my house we have ham and turkey, but to this day, I don't participate in the eating of the turkey bird. But I feel quiet sure I'll make a glutton of myself with all the other goodies we'll be having.
By the way don't forget that November is Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness month and we need to do all we can to educate others about this disease. I'm proud to see the things that people are doing to bring about awareness of this disease. I have included a link to the Pulmonary Hypertension Association on the left side of my blog for people that want to know more about PH. If you are a reader that has no idea of this disease, please take time to visit the site, it has lots of valuable information, you never know when yourself or someone else in your family could get this life threatening disease.
I guess I've rambled about enuff, I need ta get to doin my chores before Miss Judi starts poppin that whip. Yall come if ya can, my door is always open to my friends.

Hugz N Handshakes



Teddybear said...

Hey TW I agree with you on the Turkey, for years I couldn't eat turkey on Thankgiving day, I'll eat ham. But any other day I can eat the breast of the turkey.

Go figure love your posts.

Anonymous said...

LOL..Man..I know time sure flies by when we are having so much fun:))

Love the turkey maybe I will not even have turkey this year...LOL..

See ya in chat later I hope;)


Colleen said...

You haven't had turkey since you were 6 years old?? We usually have turkey, but this year I may not have any at all! lol I'll be posting why in my blog, so you can read it soon!

Hugz to ya too,
Colleen :)