Thursday, November 6, 2008

PHA Chat and Bulletin Board

Heyz to everyone, hope yall all doing good today. Thangs here are Poverty Hill are just clickin right along. I went to the PHA chat last night for a while, its the first time I've been in quite a while. It was great to chat with all my friends, we've all become a close family who understands the others problems on a day by day basis. There is no age or class barriers, we're all just people who care about each other no matter what. The chat room is more personable than the PHA boards where people can actually interact with others, ask questions, discuss problems, you know things that you would really rather hear on a one on one basis. Don't get me wrong the PHA boards are great and you can get a lot of information and feedback there, its just that sometimes you want to talk (chat) about something with someone that will answer back in plain terms. At times we all need someone to talk to that understands what we are going through besides our families at home. We all get depressed, we all hurt, we all get scared at times, these are the times when we need someone to talk to if for nothing else, to get support and understanding. The Pulmonary Hypertension Association has done a wonderful job providing us with a place just for these times when we need to talk, to vent or just to be with others that have this disease. I will forever be grateful to the PHA for the hard work and dedication they put forward for us that have this dreaded disease.
If you don't take advantage of these boards and chats, you definitely don't know what you're missing. Chat times are posted on the PHA website and if you need to talk to someone before then there is a 24-7 hotline that someone is there to help you at any time day or night. I have posted the website link on the left side of my blog for people that have never been there, or are just interested in reading about Pulmonary Hypertension.
Well I guess I've said all I wanted to say for now, its too early in the morning for me to think too much, my brain isn't working too good. Anyway I just thought I'd put a few words of country wisdom out there. I guess I need to get my butt in gear, Miss Judi will be up in a few and I'm sure I'll get my honey-do's(honey do this and honey do that) for the the day. If yall in this neck of the woods, do stop by and visit, the door is always open to my friends.

Hugs n Handshakes



phtony said...

Hi TW,

I echo your thoughts on the PH chat feature. In a time of doubt in my life, I was able to meet people like you who allowed me to keep my sanity, my perspective, and my faith in compassion. Thank you for posting a reminder; I need to get my butt back in there a little more often.

Toasting a glass of OJ to you up on Poverty Hill,


Teddybear said...

I like your blogging, it is so full of information that we all can use.

I wish I could go to chat - I have the latest Java but it says I am not enable which I am so who knows. Anyway great job blogging.

Annette said...

Hello TW! I'm going to have to drag MY lazy butt to chat some time! I've been overwhelmed by how good you guys are at multi-tasking on those chats, but, maybe I should try again! I'd really like to get to know all of your better.

Anonymous said...

Hey there...
I am so sad I missed ya in chat...I have not been on in a few days..Hope to be there tonite..Maybe see ya there??

Good job on your Bloggin as always;))

Take care