Friday, June 13, 2008

Life after Cath

Wavin........hey everybody, hope yall doin good today. We're finally getting a little rain here today, not much, probably just enough to make it good and humid. Nothing like fighting for a big breath of air early in the Well we went and got a lil cath on Wednesday morning. They had decided they were going to do a right and left Cath, but when all was done they just did a left, seeing as how I'd just had a right a couple of months ago. Everything went great, I had no blood clots and no blockages, which we were relieved about, seeing as how I'm a blood clot machine. I make em quicker than those lil elves on TV make cookies.
We were up at 3 am in the morning, i know i slept a lil late, because the lady had called and told us to be at the hospital at 5:30am. So Shane, my oldest son, Judi and I were there bright and early, well it was 6:30 before we saw anyone.....laffin.
The waiting room was full of people, not very happy people I must say, waiting on someone,,,,,anyone to show up at the front desk. Finally a lady showed up at the receptionist desk and was bombarded by people, talking in a language that shouldn't be repeated. I looked around and wondered what they were so mad about, I thought this was the way it always is. Anyway I'm fine, Judi's fine, and I've got to work extra hard to make up the time I missed away from Poverty Hill, I'm sure there were many governmental issues that needed tending too while I was gone. It's tuff being Mayor to a thriving community like Poverty Hill.
Hugs and handshakes to all of you, come by when ya can, the doors always open.



Anonymous said...

Hi Buddy:))
I am so glad that you had great news after the LHC...That is good..I just wish you could get relief from the chest pain..
Are you feeling any better with that?

I am sure JudI had you doing those chores now..LOL

It was great talking to the two of you:)) Have a great weekend..

Hugs to ya both,

Merle said...

Great news except for the almost rain and the now humidity... that's my enemy for sure.
Hugs to you and Judi -- my turn next week...