Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just dabblin

Heyz everyone, hope yall are doing good. Everything is ok here on Poverty Hill, except, the mayor has an absessed tooth....ouch. Dang thang hurts too. Not much happening around here lately, just the usual beatings by Judi. We haven't been going much lately, with the price of gas so high and the mule won't go. I don't know but it seems to me like the government should get involved with the gas prices, heck they get involved with everything else, why not something that would actually do some good. I guess that would be asking too much though, that would go against their principles of holding the hand out behind the back..not that any of them would take a pay off mind you. Its just the way most politicians hold their hands, must be a club thing or somethin. I don't get into politics too much though, I found out long ago to never get involved with discussions about politics and religion.
Well both my boys called and wished me a Happy Fathers Day, which was great, but it felt funny wishing them Happy Fathers Day too....They grew up much too quick. And life goes on.
This is PHA Convention Weekend in Houston, TX. I'm sure everyone will have a great time and listen to some very informational discussions and speeches. Judi and I wanted to go really bad but sometimes things keep us from doing what we want. Life again! I've been reading posts that peeps have put on the board at PHA and the pics are great also. Hope everyone has a safe trip home with some great memeories.
Not much to say at this bloggin session, been sorta quiet, so I guess I need to get to my chores n such. Yall be good and I'll be seeing ya soon.


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Anonymous said...

Well glad you finally posted there..LOL..I will trade with you..I have too much going on but not as productive as I would like..LOL
Well hope you had a wonderful Father's day..I know my daughter is growing up so very fast, it is scary!!!..

Take care and hold the fort down..