Monday, May 12, 2008

Passing on the Memorys

Hello everyone, things are the same as usual here on Poverty Hill. The weather has been beautiful the past few days, the temps in the 70's and cool mornings and afternoons which is my main stirring times. Yesterday was my oldest Grandsons birthday, he's 10 years old now......gawd I'm getting old, but of course I'm doing it gracefully. I didn't realize how old I was until the Grand kids wanted me to tell them "about the good ole days." They sit and listen with their eyes glued to me as I make up old stories....some which are true...but most made from the imagination that I know will entertain them with laughter and wonder. I can see in their eyes that they are taking in every word with wonder and amazement as I tell these tales that in no way are even close to being the I have to tell them stories of my childhood adventures with Indians, great hunting tales, the moonshiner days and of course about the old troll that lives under the bridge. They want to know about the surgery scars on me, that have instantly turned into places where the Indians shot me, but of course I escaped and wiped em all out. These are the times that I am glad to be here, to spend time with my Grandchildren, to pass on stories that I was told by my Grandfathers and that maybe someday they will tell their children and Grandchildren. Times that will give them memories of me, as the memories I have of my Grandparents.
My Children are wonderful, but theres something more about Grandchildren. I guess when I was younger I was so caught up with making a living for them that I didn't have as much time to spend with them as I do now with my Grandchildren. Not that they were neglected by a long shot, they still love the stories too.
Well I guess that's enough of the exploits of the Poverty Hill Hero for now, I still got my chores to do before Missy Judi pops that whip. So long for now, yall come if ya can, if not, know that you're always welcome high atop the hill.


Anonymous said...

What a great story...My Pawpaw use to sit on the front porch in his rocker and tell us stories..He was a great man..I miss those days..
I am trying to make it down that way before too long..
Get that stuff done before Judi gets ya..LOL
Have a great day.

Kristi said...

I can just imagine the crazy stories you make up. I enjoy reading your blog. Now I am gonna have to figure out how to do the slide show. If you don't mind.


Tony said...

I've never saw a cowboy that ran from a

Love the recent additions & pics Terry - I'd love to have been there for the stories

Hope you got decent news from the Doc - I'll catch up with you in chat


Anonymous said...

Hey...Thats my candy:))
But I do know how to share...LOL
Enjoy..Waiting to hear about your doc visit..
Take care

Shane Lindsey said...

There's no doubt they love their Papa Terry. Sorry we haven't been around in recently dad seems every time we plan to something crops up in the way. Birthdays baseball games, weather, gas prices.

I can assure one thing folks that cowboy don't run from snakes and my 3 boys can tell you in detail how Papa Terry took out the moccasin with a few nasty whacks of the King Staff ( which is of unknown origin but most likely is from a king way back in the old days).

Next weekend regardless we'll make it up there, maybe I'll let trail blaze through the backyard again lol.

Love ya dad.