Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Off to a New Year

Greetings my friends, glad you could stop by. Well it's 2009, a new year has begun and hopefully we will all have a good one. By watching the news on TV I am sorta sceptical about the year. Seems like we have a lot going on as far as our country's financial situation, I'm glad I'm not the new President, he's gonna have his hands full. I wish us all good luck!
Well our New Years celebration on Poverty Hill went well. We had a hill full of people and everyone had a great time. All the kids enjoyed the fireworks and us old Geezers had a great time socializing and eating. Both my boys were here with their families so we had a house full. They stayed until Sunday and Miss Judi and I, although we enjoyed having them, were give slam out. If I'd heard Papa Terry one more time I'd have pulled all my hair out...(just joking, you know I loved it). I had forgotten how quiet it is on the Hill until they left, now i miss the noise and laughter. Its been a few days now and I'm about rested up so its time to get down to some serious deer hunting, that is if I can make myself get up, I was sorta lazy this morning and the bed felt sooooooooooooooooooooo good. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.
Everyone was asking what was my New Years resolution. Well the truth is I don't make em because I never keep em anyway. Its always great to say I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna do that but who ever really keeps em? Not many people I know. To those that have I say, congratulations, to the others I say welcome to the club..laffin.
This may not be the place to write this thank you because I'm sure noone at PHA reads my lil blog but I wanted to post a big "Thank You", to the Pulmonary Hypertension Association for the great job that they did the past year, keeping each of us updated on new medications and research, hosting the convention, and generally for the support they have given to each of us with this dreaded disease. Keep up the good work, every one of you working at the PHA is greatly appreciated.
Well I guess thats about all I got to say for now its time for me to get to my chores. Thanks to each of you that read my lil blog and sharing tidbits of my life up on Poverty Hill, yall come by when ya can, the door is always open to my friends.

Hugs N Handshakes



Nancy said...

I agree that PHA deserves a round of applause and a BIG thank you. All the employees and volunteers gave their all in 2008.

Happy New Year to you and Miss Judi from Wyoming.

Anonymous said...

Rest up there Buddy:)) Tell Miss Judi Hi from us here in Texas:))
Take care and Hope we all have a wonderful New Year:))


ali said...

Happy New Year TW!! I agree ~ hands up to the PHA.

I was surrounded by family at Christmas also and I too miss them.

I like that both look good in it. Take care buddy, ali

Colleen said...

Here's to a Happy and HEALTHY New Year!!! I saw the pictures of your celebrations on the hill in Judi's Myspace. Looks like ya'll had a blast!!

And yes, a big shout out goes to PHA for all they do!! They are awesome!

Colleen :)

Wendy's Mom said...

TW, that is an awesome picture of you! I think you need to print and frame it and give to Mrs. Judi as a gift. LOL!!
It sounds like you had a great time for the Holidays and that is just wonderful to hear. Wish I was a member of your family and could have been there. LOL!!
You guys take it is easy and thanks for the updates! Some days reading these blogs can actually be the highlight of my day.

Yes I great bit THANK YOU goes out of PHA!!

Love ya,

Wendy's Mom said...

OOPS! I mean a great BIG not a great bit! LOL!



Annette said...

Happy New Year, TW!! Here's to a new year full of of good health and a miraculous cure for us all! And, I agree, we would all be lost without PHA.
Take care.
Your phriend