Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another Day In Paradise

Hey Everybody, welcome back to my ramblings on Poverty Hill. Lordy it's been so hot around here the roosters won't even get up in the mornings, much less do their Cocka Doodle Do's. I've been getting up way earlier than I like to, just to go outside and stir around a lil bit. By 9 O'clock its already getting time to go back inside and do the air conditioning thang. Of course I throw fits and tell Miss Judi that I'm fine outside but I know better than to fuss with her cause she always wins, so I just tell her I was about to come in anyway. It's a man thang, I can't let her know I'm doing what she said...LOL. I went down to the pond yesterday and lordy that thang was so grown up with grass you could hardly get to it, I guess I'll have to break out the bushog mower and cut around it, in the cool of the afternoon for sure. I'm bout ready for a big fish fry. Get the family all together and go catch a mess and cook em, MMmmmmmmmmm ain't nothing any better than that. Bass, Brim, Catfish, french fries, hushpuppys.......Lordy makes my mouth water just to think about it. All yall city folks just don't know what ya missing, maybe yall can stop by some time and we'll do it up right for ya. Of course another thing I noticed while I was ramblin around was that it's the time of the year for snakes to be crawling around, Lordy I hate those dang thangs, another good reason for me to keep it cut around the pond. Of course with all the PH drugs that I'm taking if one bit me it'd probably kill it.....laffin.
Well it feels good to be off that Sub Q Remodulin I was on, now I am getting back to my old self and not having to suffer through all that pain......shhessssssshhh..I can't understand why any doctor would put his patient through that crap. My new Hickman is Painless and I'm still taking Remodulin through it so........everything is gettin better on Poverty Hill. Well except the fact that I haven't heard anything from the President on the bailout money that I needed for Poverty Hill, I guess they used mine for General Motors, oh well, even though its hard to understand that they wouldn't rush to help a thriving community like Poverty Hill, MS, I guess they need to help the little people like GM and the Big Banks.
I'm not really a big Obama fan but he is our President and I'll support him as all American citizens should, but I'm really starting to wonder where he's going with all this. I guess we'll see.
While I'm on here and doing my thang I just wanted to throw out my thanks to everyone for their support and prayers while I've been sick. I truly love and care for all my PHriends and words just can't express my gratitude.....Hugzzzzz and Handshakes to all of Ya.
Well the time has flown by so I guess I need to get off this computer machine and get to my Mayoral duties that I've neglected for so long a time, it's a wonder that this vast thriving community hasn't gone to the dogs since I've been gone. Thats OK though I'll have everything under control shortly. If yall over our way remember that our door is always open to our friends.

Hugzz and Handshakes



Colleen said...

I was just asking Miss Judi last night how you were feeling, and I think she forgot to answer me. lol I'm glad you posted, and I'm also glad you are feeling better with the IV Remodulin! I honestly don't know why the subq is prescribed when so many people have a hard time with the site pain. Well anyway, I'm glad you're doing better, and in time I sure hope the Remodulin will improve what you're able to do even more!

Colleen :)

Anonymous said...

That fish sure sounds good..I am hungry..Miss Judi said tonite was BOLOGNA?? Hummm...

So Happy you are feeling better...Hugs to ya my Buddy :))
BTW..yes Miss Judi is ALWAYS right ;))
Love & hugs:)