Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Natures Thrills

Thank You Lord for another day. Hi everyone, I arose this morning before the rooster even woke up. I was feeling all chipper and full of not vinegar...vigor. I decided Levi and I, my trusted companion, the other one besides Judi, would take a walk down to the creek and look at the waterfall and see if the beavers had dammed the creek up. Away we went, Levi looking around and running ahead of me and myself just looking around enjoying what Mother Nature has provided us with. I felt great, the walk down to the imfamous Big Boy Washhole was a breeze. Walking down the shady path through the woods, the cool morning breeze blowing in my face, thinking what a wonderful day it is. But Hark, what did I hear, my trusty companion barking at the top of his lungs. Curiously i walked over to see what had Mr Levi's undivided attention. OH CRAP, a diamond back rattlesnake was curled up there, sunning himself on an old log. After grabbing my companion and making him back off I immediately made haste to my journey back to the top of Poverty Hill. My journey along the mornings nature visit was over, I'd had all the nature I wanted for one day. God made all creatures, but there's some we could've done without.
Not that I was scared or anything like that, it's just that it doesn't take me long to look at a snake.....(laffin)right, I was scared crapless. After about 8 rest stops coming back up the hill I finally made it back up on Poverty Hill. I'm thinking the walk up the hill has finished me for the day, I'm totally exhausted, I think after i clean out my britches, I'll take a nap. Anyway yall have a nice day, and I'll be looking for yall around the PHA websites. Waving to everyone from high atop Poverty Hill, thanks for stopping by.



Anonymous said...

Laffin back at ya...LOL
I hope your pants were not too full..LOL
I am scared of snakes and I know they are all over in your area..
Sounds like a major workout...Rest up my Phriend...
Love all your pics.

Tony said...

That's some beautiful scenery Terry - my kinda country - as for the - I grew up with them when I lived with my grandmother - I've had to kill one or two but I ususally just watch them & then one or the other of us will go on our way - be careful on those uphillers - they can break you

glad to see you joined the blog world - I'll add you to my page tomorrow

see ya around


Tony said...

Err...I didn't mean for it to sound like the snake was no big deal haha - surely it was - that kinda came out wrong - all in all though you were probably more at risk running up the hill lol

see ya later,


Kristi said...

Yikes, I am not sure what I would do if I saw a rattle snake.
I enjoy your blog. Hey, what about the Remodulin? Have you heard anything yet? Just curious I am a sub-q Remodulin user. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.


Colleen said...

I'm trying to catch my breath just picturing you going up that hill. lol I hate hills, or anything with an incline!! Hope you had a restful day after that!
~Colleen :)

Merle said...

Sounds like a lovely place you live in -- and I'm wondering if those hills aren't a little much for you -- the getting down isn't a problem for me but the getting back up --- WELLLLLL... That's why I get no place fast on my treadmill -- it's level :o)

As for the snakes, reminds me of my former life -- I was in real estate and one day while showing a farm, guess what, we walked right near a nest of rattlers and the noise they make can send shivers up and down your spine... told my buyer you go that a-way and I'll back track... one of those WHEW moments.

You take care now, ya hear...