Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Its the Little Things in life

Thank You Lord for another day.
Hi again everyone from TW up on Poverty Hill. Judi and I have been gone a few days visiting kin folks. They told us to c'mon down, that the coon hunting and fishing was some kinda fine this time of the year, now who in their right mind can turn down an invitation like that. We didn't fish or coon hunt but the vittles wuz some kinda fine and we had a great time.
While we were there in Butch's Holler, I was sitting on the front porch a whittlin a piece of wood and petting the hound dogs, I got to thinking. It seems that it's the little things in life we seem to overlook doing. In our busy schedules we don't take time to slow down and do things that we should be. In the older dayz when we were growing up we had big, huge, humongous family get togethers. This was a time when we all got together to see our parent, Grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins, you know the whole family. These were happy times when laughter was heard everywhere. Nowadays, most people couldn't tell you where their siblings live, much less anyone else in the family. The closeness is all but gone it seems, except for your immediate family. Of course its noones fault but our own, and Imma wondering, how did we ever let it get this way. Our children and Grandchildren will never get to see those happy times. I guess family values just aren't what they used to be, but you know as good as i know, THEY SHOULD BE.
I guess in this new generation of hustle and bustle, computers, and technology, everyone has outgrown the old family values. And we, as the older bunch of this new lifestlye have adjusted and had to grow with it, leaving behind the old values but still remembering them. It's amazing the things you think about when you get ta whittlin.
I think maybe we should take a little time, slow down, and tell our wife or husband how much we love them and appreciate them. Call our children and tell them how much we love them and how proud we are of them. Instead of wondering how an Aunt or Uncle is, pick up the phone and call them and ask them how they are. These are a few things that we should do. Not that it would be anything close to the closeness of familie in the old dayz, but it is a lot better than things that go undone or unsaid. As we all know, we never know what tomorrow will bring.
Well i guess I better go for now, I gotta get these whittlin shaving up before Miss Judi knocks my up side tha head. So solong from Poverty Hill, oh yeah and by the way, I really appreciate your friendship, it means a lot to me.
See Ya Soon


Anonymous said...

Terry, You are so right..I really miss those old reunions with all the family...I did go to one a few years ago and maybe will get to go this year also..But that is still not all the family.
And...Yes, We never know what tommorrow may be..so Tell all those around us how important they are and how much we love them:))

Glad you had a little getaway...
Take care
Hugs to ya Buddy,

Merle said...

I agree Terry -- family just ain't what it use to be. I remember those family gettogethers at my Grandma's family, playing baseball in the front 40... helping to bail hay and just runnin loose. Visitin with those Aunts and Uncles and all those cousins, I'm number 25 by-the-way, and just gettin caught up.
Thanks for reminding me of those days. Maybe we should all get a wittlin stick.

Tony said...


You hit the nail on the head - when I visited some of my relatives this past month I was swept away with memories of how close we USED to be - one of my cousins (who lives there) even said they didn't visit each other like we used to - I will try to make sure I visit them at least once a year

P.S. - Isnt the food ALWAYS good at those get togethers?

See ya later,