Saturday, May 3, 2008

Quiet Saturday

Thank You Lord for another day. Wavin at everybody from atop Poverty Hill. Wow we had a heck of a storm last night, the birds weren't chirping, the cows weren't mooing and Terry wasn't standing out in it. I'm feeling pretty good today, just a little trouble breathing which I'm attributing to the high humidity, but of course thats just a personal theory. If it was given by my doctor I'd have to pay at least $1,000.00 for it. lol.
Things are quiet on the hill this morning, Judi is cleaning house and I'm lending my splendid superior supervisory skills. I've been on the computer reading some of my friends blogs, its a great way to get to know them and their families. They're all great at this blogging thing, all I can do is just ramble, I'mma ramblin mannnn.......singin.
I'm all shocked this morning, Judi said I snored all night and kept her awake. OMG I can't believe that I was snoring, not the Big Kahuna, woe is me. I can't win, if I don't snore she shakes me and wakes me up, if I do she complains that i kept her awake... (laffin). I just can't win. I'll try to snore more quietly from now on.(That is if i snored)
Well I waited all week for a call from the doctor saying that he'd set up an appointment with Dr. Fagan at the South Alabama PH Clinic, but of course as doctors go, I haven't heard a word. I guess I'll call his office Monday and sorta jog their memory. Not that I'm looking forward to starting Remodulin, it's just the fact that I'm ready to get it over with. I'm the kind of person that needs to know what my new limitations will be, if any.
Well i don't have much to say this morning, I believe I'll go sit in the front yard and wave at people riding by. You know its my duty as a country bumkin to wave at folks as they pass by, who knows I may wanna run for some kinda political office one day and I don't want to miss any politicin time. So long for now from Poverty Hill... Yall come, ya hear!


Anonymous said...

Give that doc a call again first thing Monday..They may need a friendly reminder:)

Well hope you had lots of passer byers to wave at front the porch...LOL

Did you get to see the Grandkids?

I too, would blame that humidity on your SOB...
Have a great Day:)

Anonymous said...

"from" the front

I know you figured that out:)