Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tidbits from Poverty Hill

Thank you Lord for another day. Hello again from high atop Poverty Hill. Its another beautiful day here in the boonies. Its the first day of another month, hot dog...........payday. Guess Judi can go get some grease for the possum and taters tnite.

I had a rough night last night, couldn't sleep, chest hurting, short of breath, you know the regular things, but it could've been worse. Things are quiet up here on the hill today, suns shining, birds singing, it's great to be alive. I'm gonna get busy with my farming today, need to till the back forty, in other words I'm cutting grass today. Judi gets to try out her brand spanking new electric weed eater too.......I know the excitement is killin her. Laffin.

We went to Judi's brothers last night and BBQ'd ribs.......Mmmmmmmmmmm they were good. We had a good visit, you know exchanging lies for me and her brother Butch, gossiping for Judi and Penny. I like visiting them because they don't treat me like an invalid and they are both loving and caring people.

Anyway we got home and I went to PH Chat and hung out with my friends there for a while. We had a few new people that came in and I'm happy that more people are finding their way to PHA because there are so many knowledgeable people that they can talk to and get advice, information, and just plain friendship from. I'm glad to be a part of it, although I'm not the most knowledgeable, I am a PH'er and I know what they are going through. To me, just knowing that Judi and I don't have to fight alone has meant so much to me.
Well i guess I'll go for now, gotta go chop firewood for the fire, that possum n taters is gonna be fine t'nite......Wish you were here.

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The Admiral said...

Okay Terry, here's a clue.

Barbecue last night and chest pains today?

Are we watching our salt intake? Oh, didn't think so!

When you're a PHer, retaining fluid is a BIG DEAL, and barbecue is one part pork, one part salt.

Uh, what was that you were talking about??