Friday, May 2, 2008

Another Friday on Poverty Hill

Thank you Lord for another day. I woke up this morning feeling great, thinking about all the things I need to get done. Judi in scurrying around looking for keys, looks like another day of grocery shopping for her and her mother. Woo Hoo.......I'll be alone.....well at least for part of the day. Think I'll throw the things to do out the door and just do what i want to do. Fishing sounds good. Watching the bobber float around in the water, every now and then getting a nibble. No then I'd have to go get bait......scratch that. Friend just called and wants me to go play a round of golf.......wondering how hot it's gonna be today out there. The golf clubs are getting a little dusty. I don't get to play much so I have to pick from my good days and today would be a great day. I told him I'd have to check with the boss(Judi) and let him know. Sure is sounding good though. Wondering if I can play the whole 18 holes without getting too hot, its cloudy, I'm sure I can handle it. I don't get calls to play much anymore, as most of my friends seem to have dissapeared because they think I'm gonna die on them or something. Oh well......were they really that good of friends. Most of them think of me back when they visited me in the hospital when I was about to die, I guess that was a pretty gruesome thing to see as I had always been so active in everything. Since moving to MS I've made new friends, most of which know I'm sick but don't know the extent and that the way its going to stay. Hope Judi is getting me some goodies at the just a passing thought.

I'm sure ready to see my grandkids, all five of em. Maybe they'll come up for a visit this weekend. Both of my sons, Shane and Steve live on the coast in Alabama. One in Gulf Shores the other on Dauphin Island which is located near Mobile. I am proud of both of them, they are great boys or I should say men. I hope and pray neither of them ever have to go through what ole pappy has. Please Lord don't let them ever have PH.

Aha the wife is calling, I know she wants to know what parcels of goodies I might would want, the question is, Will she let me have them. (lol)

I just finished reading the bulletin board on the PHA website, there's a post there from John and Dawn Chastaine both new to PH boards. I know exactly how John is feeling and I'm compelled to e-mail him and give him a little support. We've all been through what he and Dawn are going through right now and we all know that he'll need PHA's support to help get through these hard times. I hope he'll get better soon. All the posts of support and prayers are a blessing. I know for a fact that the power of prayer is awesome. I guess i need to get offa my big butt and do something, even if its wrong. Till next time....wavin at ya from high atop Poverty Hill.

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ali said...

Hey TW, I hope you got to golf some!
The part of friends disappearing after diagnosis sure hit doesn't it...but your right. Were they really true friends after all? Even those I still have contact with don't understand how the physical limitations can fluctuate from day to day. Oh well.
On a more positive note. My mom and dad live in Bay Minette. Maybe we'll get to meet some day!