Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thank you Lord for another day. Well the roosters crowing and the cows are mooing and the pigs are a grunting here in the country. The sun is shining and its supposed to be in the mid 80's today, so we're getting off to a good start. I feel pretty good this morning, I'm taking Judi to the doctor today in Meridian, which is about 100 miles away, dreading the drive but its not that bad. My illness has been rough on her so shes seeing a doc for her depression. She is a lot better than she was, I was starting to get worried about her. The doc is a miracle worker, she's back to her old self, laughing and shopping(ugh) and talking instead of keeping everything locked inside. She's mean to me so everything is normal....(lol).

I wish Dr Babar would hurry and get the appointment set up with Dr Fagan, the waiting is killing me. I was fine as long as the meds were oral but I've had so many needles stabbed in me i feel like a human pin cushion. The things we do just to stay alive. But i am not going to let it get me down, I'm gonna keep a good outlook at things. Well gonna hit the dusty trail for now, will finish this lil blog later.

Well here I am back home again. Today started out pretty good but I'm tired now. Missy Judi had to do the shopping thingy before we came back from Meridian, MS. I swear I wish I had just half of her energy..........(the show off). All and all its been a long day but I'll be grateful if I have another one tomorrow, just waking up is a blessing.

It's about time to chat a lil at PHA, so solong for now from high atop Poverty Hill.

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Anonymous said...

Shopping = :) for Judi....
That is good news, Right??